How to Beat Level 414 on Candy Crush: The Ultimate Guide for Candy Crush Enthusiasts

Are you stuck at level 414 on Candy Crush?

Don’t worry, you are not alone! Many players struggle with this level and wonder how to beat it. In this guide, we will provide you with tips, tricks, and strategies that can help you progress through this level easily.

Let’s get started!

Understanding the Requirements for Level 414

Before we dive into the strategies, let’s first understand what is required to complete level 414. The objective of this level is to clear all the candies on the board in 25 moves or fewer. You will have to use all your skills and knowledge to create powerful combinations and clear as many candies as possible.

Strategies for Beating Level 414

Now that we know what’s required, let’s move on to the strategies that can help you beat level 414.

  1. Use the Right Combos

The first strategy is to use the right combos. There are many powerful combos in Candy Crush, and using them can help you clear a lot of candies quickly. For example, the Horizontal Strip Combination involves placing three or more candies horizontally, which will create a row of powerful candies that will clear all the candies below them. The Vertical Strip Combination works in the same way but vertically.

  1. Make Use of Boosters

Another strategy is to make use of boosters. Boosters are special items that can help you clear more candies or create powerful combos. There are various types of boosters, such as the Wrapped Candy Booster, which will wrap multiple candies together and clear them at once. The Jelly Fish Booster can be used to clear all the jelly on the board in one go.

  1. Clear Out the Corners

The third strategy is to clear out the corners. This strategy involves clearing out the candies in the corners first, which will create more space for you to work with. Once you have cleared out the corners, you can focus on clearing the rest of the board.

  1. Use Tactics and Timing

The fourth strategy is to use tactics and timing. This strategy involves planning your moves in advance and executing them at the right time. For example, you can use the Bouncing Ball Combination to clear out multiple candies at once. You can also create a chain reaction by using the Horizontal Strip Combination and the Vertical Strip Combination in succession.

Real-Life Examples of How to Beat Level 414

To make things more relatable, let’s look at some real-life examples of how people have beaten level 414.

Player A: "I used the Wrapped Candy Booster to clear out all the candies on the left side of the board, and then I used the Jelly Fish Booster to clear all the jelly on the right side of the board. It was a challenging level, but with some practice and determination, I was able to beat it."

Player B: "I used the Horizontal Strip Combination to clear out the candies in the top row, and then I used the Vertical Strip Combination to clear out the candies in the bottom row. It took me a few tries, but eventually, I was able to beat it."


  1. How many moves should I aim for to complete level 414?

You should aim for 25 moves or fewer to complete level 414.

  1. Can I use power-ups to help me beat level 414?

Yes, you can use power-ups to help you beat level 414.