how to beat level 401 on candy crush

Candy Crush is a popular mobile game that challenges players to clear candy-filled boards by matching three or more candies of the same color in a row. The game has been downloaded over 500 million times and is enjoyed by people of all ages around the world. In this article, we will explore some tips and tricks for beating level 401, one of the most challenging levels in the game.

Level 401 requires players to clear a board with 70 tiles, including a number of obstacles and power-ups that can make or break the game. To successfully beat this level, players will need to use their skills and strategy to clear candies quickly and efficiently while avoiding obstacles and making the most of power-ups.

Here are some tips and tricks that can help:

  1. Use lollipops strategically. Lollipops are special candies that can be used to combine two or more candies into a single larger candy. This can be useful for clearing large clusters of candies quickly, but it’s important to use them wisely. Don’t waste your lollipops on small clusters of candies or obstacles that can be cleared easily with regular moves. Instead, save them for the most challenging parts of the level.
  2. Use gravity to your advantage. On some levels, you may have the ability to tilt the board up or down. This can be useful for clearing candies in hard-to-reach places or creating new paths through the board. Make sure you use gravity wisely and pay attention to any obstacles that may be affected by it.
  3. Try different moves. Sometimes, the key to beating a level is simply trying a different move. Don’t get stuck in a rut and keep experimenting with different combinations of candies and boosters until you find one that works for you.
  4. Take breaks. If you’re feeling frustrated or overwhelmed, it’s okay to take a break and come back to the level later with fresh eyes. Sometimes, stepping away from the game for a short time can help you see things in a new light and approach the level with a different perspective.
  5. Use power-ups strategically. Power-ups are special candies that can be used to increase the power of your regular moves or give you additional abilities. From stripping candies to freezing and crushing, there are many different types of power-ups available on Candy Crush. Make sure you use them strategically and don’t waste them on small clusters of candies or obstacles that can be cleared easily with regular moves.

By following these tips and tricks, players should be able to successfully beat level 401 and move on to the next challenge. Remember to take your time and make each move count, and don’t get discouraged if it takes a few tries. With patience and practice, you can conquer any challenge on Candy Crush.