How to Spell 80 Dollars in English: A Comprehensive Guide with Examples and Tips


As a writer, you understand the importance of using accurate spelling in your work.

But what about numbers?

It’s crucial to spell out amounts correctly so that your readers can easily understand them. In this guide, we will explore how to spell 80 dollars in English and provide examples of common mistakes to avoid.

Correct Spelling:

The correct spelling for 80 dollars is "eighty-five dollars". This spelling is commonly used in everyday conversation and written communication. However, it’s important to note that this spelling is not always used consistently. Some people may spell out 80 dollars as "eighty-dollars", while others may use the more modern spelling of "eighty five dollars".

Common Mistakes:

One common mistake when spelling out numbers is using the wrong hyphenation mark. For example, some people may mistakenly use a hyphen to spell out 80 dollars as "eighty-dollars", which is incorrect. The correct way to spell out 80 dollars with a hyphen is "eighty-five dollars".

Another mistake is using the wrong apostrophe. Some people may use an apostrophe instead of a hyphen to spell out 80 dollars as "eighty’s dollars", which is also incorrect. The correct way to spell out 80 dollars with an apostrophe is "eighty-five dollars".

Tips for Spelling Out Numbers:

To ensure you’re spelling out numbers correctly, it’s important to be familiar with the rules of hyphenation in English.

Here are some tips to help you get started:

  1. Use a dictionary or online resource to verify the correct spelling and hyphenation of numbers.
  2. Be consistent in your use of hyphens for numbers. If you’re using a hyphen to spell out 80 dollars, be sure to use it consistently throughout your work.
  3. Avoid using apostrophes instead of hyphens when spelling out numbers. Apostrophes are typically used to indicate possession or omitted letters, not to replace hyphens.
  4. Pay attention to the context in which you’re using the number. Sometimes, a different spelling may be more appropriate for the sake of clarity or style.


Let’s look at some examples of how to spell out 80 dollars correctly:

  1. "The customer handed over eighty-five dollars for the item."
  2. "The total cost of the project was eighty-five thousand dollars."
  3. "She received a gift card worth eighty-five dollars from her boss."


Spelling out numbers correctly is essential for clear communication in both written and spoken English. By understanding the rules of hyphenation and avoiding common mistakes, you can ensure that your work is easily understood by your readers. Remember to pay attention to context and be consistent in your use of hyphens for numbers.