How to Play Level 140 Candy Crush: Tips and Tricks for Mastering This Difficult Level

Are you ready to take on the ultimate challenge of Candy Crush?

Level 140 is one of the hardest levels in the game, but with a little bit of strategy and practice, you can master it. In this article, we will provide you with tips and tricks to help you conquer level 140 and reach new heights in your Candy Crush journey.

1. Plan Ahead

Before starting level 140, take a moment to review the level requirements and plan out your moves. This will help you avoid getting stuck and wasting time. Remember to clear any obstacles on the board first, such as locked cells or hidden objects, before moving onto the candies.

2. Use Special Boosters Wisely

Special boosters can be a game-changer in level 140. However, it’s important to use them wisely to maximize their effectiveness.

Some of the best special boosters for this level include:

  • Bomb:

    This booster explodes multiple candies on the board, creating a chain reaction that can help clear large sections of the board quickly.

  • Sticky


    The Sticky Bomb sticks two candies together, helping to create new combinations and clear more candies at once.

    * Jelly Fish:

    The Jelly Fish can be placed on top of an object or obstacle, causing it to explode when hit by a candy. This can be especially useful for clearing locked cells or hidden objects.
    3. Look for Patterns

Level 140 often requires you to look for patterns in the candies and obstacles on the board. For example, if there is a row of candies with different colors, try to match them up in pairs to create new combinations. Similarly, if there are locked cells or hidden objects, try to look for patterns or clues that can help you clear them.

  1. Practice, Practice, Practice

The key to mastering level 140 is practice. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t get it right the first time – keep trying and experimenting with different moves until you find what works best for you. Remember to take breaks and rest your eyes to avoid burnout and improve focus.


Q: What are some common mistakes people make on level 140?

A: Some common mistakes include not clearing obstacles first, using special boosters too early or too late, and not looking for patterns on the board.

Q: How long does it usually take to complete level 140?

A: It can take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours depending on your skill level and how well you plan your moves.

Q: Are there any cheats or hacks for level 140?

A: While there are no official cheats or hacks for Candy Crush, some players have used third-party apps or tools to help them complete the game. However, this is against the terms of service and can result in your account being banned from the game.


Level 140 may be one of the hardest levels in Candy Crush, but with a little bit of strategy and practice, you can conquer it. Remember to plan ahead, use special boosters wisely, look for patterns on the board, and don’t give up. With persistence and determination, you can reach new heights in your Candy Crush journey.