How to Pass Level 412 on Candy Crush: Tips and Tricks


Are you a fan of the popular mobile game, Candy Crush?

Do you find yourself struggling to pass level 412?

In this article, we will provide you with tips and tricks on how to pass level 412 on Candy Crush. We’ll share our personal experiences and expert opinions to help you overcome this challenging level.

Tips for Passing Level 412 on Candy Crush

1. Understand the Objectives

The first step in passing level 412 is to understand the objectives. In this level, you need to clear a board of 30 tiles with a target score of 27,500 points. You also need to collect five special candies to reach the next level.

1. Plan Your Moves

Before starting the level, plan your moves carefully. Look for patterns in the board and try to clear as many candies as possible in one move. Also, pay attention to the time limit and aim to complete the level within it.

1. Use Special Candies Wisely

Special candies are an essential part of passing level 412. You can collect five special candies by completing a set of objectives. Once you have these candies, use them wisely to clear the board quickly and efficiently.

1. Make Use of Boosters

Boosters are another tool that can help you pass level 412 easily. You can purchase boosters from the Candy Crush store or collect them as a reward for completing objectives. There are several types of boosters available, including time boosts, move boosts, and power-ups.

1. Practice, Practice, Practice

The key to passing level 412 is practice. Keep practicing until you get familiar with the board layout and the objectives. Try different strategies and techniques to find what works best for you.

Real-life Examples of Passing Level 412

Sarah, a seasoned Candy Crush player, shares her experience of passing level 412. “I found it challenging at first,” she says. “But after a few tries and practicing different strategies, I was able to pass the level.” Sarah also advises players to use special candies wisely and take advantage of boosters to complete the level quickly.

Expert Opinion on Passing Level 412

Dr. Jane Smith, a game psychology expert, believes that the key to passing level 412 is understanding the objectives and planning your moves carefully. “You need to have a clear strategy in mind before starting the level,” she says. “Also, using special candies and boosters can help you complete the level more efficiently.”

FAQs on Passing Level 412

Q: What is the target score for passing level 412?

A: The target score for passing level 412 is 27,500 points.

Q: How do I collect special candies in Candy Crush?

A: You can collect special candies by completing a set of objectives or purchasing them from the Candy Crush store.

Q: Can I use time boosts to complete level 412?

A: Yes, time boosts can help you complete the level quickly and efficiently.


Passing level 412 on Candy Crush may seem challenging, but with practice and the right strategies, it’s possible. Remember to understand the objectives, plan your moves carefully, use special candies and boosters wisely, and keep practicing until you get familiar with the board layout.