How to Get Your Heart’s Desire Wrap in Fortnite

Fortnite, the wildly popular battle royale game, has been around for a while now. One of the most iconic aspects of the game is the customizable outfits, which can be changed with each new season. However, some items are exclusive to certain seasons and can only be obtained through challenges or special events. In this article, we will discuss how to get your heart’s desire wrap in Fortnite and why it’s worth the effort.

Firstly, let’s start with what a heart’s desire wrap is. These are cosmetic items that can be applied to the character’s body, such as an outfit, hat, or cape. They often have unique designs and are highly sought after by collectors and fans of the game. However, getting your hands on one can be quite challenging.

One way to get a heart’s desire wrap is through completing challenges during events. These challenges can range from simple tasks like eliminating a certain number of enemies to more complex ones like finding hidden items. Completing these challenges will reward you with valuable items, including exclusive outfits and wraps. For example, during the Fortnite x Marshmello event in 2019, players were able to obtain the highly popular "Meowskins" outfit by completing specific challenges.

Another way to get a heart’s desire wrap is through participating in special events and collaborations with other brands. These events often have exclusive outfits and items that can only be obtained by playing the game or purchasing them from the in-game store. For example, during the Fortnite x Nintendo event in 2020, players were able to obtain the iconic "Zelda" outfit and other items by completing challenges and collecting special items throughout the map.

In conclusion, getting a heart’s desire wrap in Fortnite may be challenging, but it can be highly rewarding. Whether you choose to complete challenges during events or participate in special collaborations with other brands, there are always opportunities to obtain exclusive outfits and items that will enhance your gaming experience. So don’t give up on your heart’s desire – keep playing and exploring the game to unlock new rewards and surprises!


Q: How do I find challenges during events in Fortnite?

A: You can find challenges by opening up the "Challenges" tab in the main menu. These challenges will often have specific objectives that you must complete within a certain timeframe to obtain rewards.

Q: Are heart’s desire wraps exclusive to certain seasons or events?

A: Yes, heart’s desire wraps are often exclusive to specific seasons or events. However, some outfits and items can be obtained throughout the year by completing challenges or purchasing them from the in-game store.

Q: How do I know if an outfit or item is exclusive to a certain event?

A: You can check the in-game store or the official Fortnite website to see which outfits and items are available during specific events. Some items may also have unique designs or themes that indicate they are exclusive to a particular event or collaboration.