How to Get to Kerning Square: A Comprehensive Guide

If you’re looking for a place to go shopping, grab lunch, or just hang out with friends, Kerning Square is the perfect spot. Located in Dallas, Texas, this trendy area has become a hub of activity and excitement.

But how do you get there?

In this article, we’ll take you step-by-step through the process of getting to Kerning Square, including tips on parking, transportation options, and more.

Getting There by Car

If you prefer driving, Kerning Square is just a short drive away from downtown Dallas.

Here are the steps:

  1. Take I-20 West out of downtown and exit at Ross Avenue.
  2. Turn right onto Ross Avenue and drive for about a mile until you reach Main Street.
  3. Turn left onto Main Street and continue for another mile or so until you see Kerning Square on your right.
  4. Park in one of the designated parking spaces, which are located throughout the area.

Getting There by Public Transportation

If you prefer public transportation, there are several options available to get to Kerning Square:

  1. Take DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit) to downtown Dallas and then transfer to the Ross Avenue line. Get off at Main Street/Kerning Square stop.
  2. Take a taxi or rideshare service, such as Uber or Lyft, from your current location to Kerning Square.
  3. If you’re coming from out of town, you can take a bus or train to Dallas Union Station and then transfer to the DART Ross Avenue line.

Parking Options

There are several parking options available at Kerning Square:

  1. Street parking is available on Main Street, but it can be difficult to find a spot during peak hours.
  2. Parking garages are located throughout the area, and they offer ample space for vehicles of all sizes. The cost of parking varies depending on the location and length of stay.
  3. If you prefer to bike to Kerning Square, there are several bike racks available in the area.

Attractions at Kerning Square

Kerning Square is home to a variety of unique shops, restaurants, and bars that are sure to please:

  1. Central Market – A food hall with over 20 different vendors selling everything from fresh produce to artisanal cheeses.
  2. Joule – A boutique hotel that features a rooftop bar and restaurant, as well as luxurious guest rooms.
  3. The Slow Bone BBQ – A popular barbecue joint that serves up mouthwatering brisket, ribs, and other smoked meats.
  4. Sylvan Theater – An outdoor movie theater that hosts screenings of classic films and new releases.
  5. Sprezza – A luxury retail store that sells clothing, shoes, and accessories for men.


Getting to Kerning Square is easy, whether you prefer driving or public transportation. With its diverse range of shops, restaurants, bars, and attractions, it’s the perfect spot for a day out with friends or a night out on the town.