How to Clean Clear Correct Trays: A Comprehensive Guide

Do you have a problem with your trays looking cloudy or discolored?

Are you wondering how to clean clear correct trays without damaging them?

Look no further!

In this guide, we will walk you through the steps of cleaning and maintaining clear correct trays so that they stay looking their best.

What are Clear Correct Trays?

Clear Correct trays are a popular alternative to traditional braces for straightening teeth. They consist of a series of custom-fit, removable aligners made from a clear plastic material. Unlike braces, which are fixed in place and require regular adjustments by a dentist or orthodontist, Clear Correct trays can be removed at any time and replaced with the next aligner in the series.

Why Clean Your Trays?

Keeping your trays clean is essential for maintaining good oral hygiene and preventing cavities and gum disease. When food particles get trapped between the teeth and in the crevices of the tray, they can create a breeding ground for bacteria. This can lead to bad breath, stained teeth, and even tooth decay.

How to Clean Clear Correct Trays

Cleaning your Clear Correct trays is easy and only takes a few minutes each day.

Here are the steps you should follow:

  1. Remove the tray from your mouth and rinse it with lukewarm water to remove any loose debris.
  2. Brush the tray using a soft-bristled toothbrush and toothpaste, just like you would brush your teeth. Be sure to clean all corners and crevices of the tray.
  3. Rinse the tray again with lukewarm water and shake off any excess.
  4. Store the tray in a protective case when not in use.

Tips for Keeping Your Trays Clean

Here are some tips to help you keep your Clear Correct trays clean and looking their best:

  1. Brush and floss daily, just like you would with regular braces. This will help prevent food particles from getting trapped in the tray and causing cavities.
  2. Avoid eating hard or sticky foods that can damage the tray. Instead, opt for softer, more flexible foods that are easier on the tray.
  3. Use a mouthwash specifically designed to fight bad breath bacteria. This will help keep your mouth and tray smelling fresh all day long.
  4. Replace your aligners as directed by your dentist or orthodontist. Using old or damaged aligners can compromise the effectiveness of the treatment and potentially cause damage to your teeth.


  1. Can I use a regular toothpaste to clean my Clear Correct trays?
    • Yes, you can use any fluoride toothpaste to clean your Clear Correct trays. However, be sure to brush gently and avoid using abrasive ingredients like baking soda, which can scratch the tray.
  2. How often should I clean my Clear Correct trays?
    • You should clean your Clear Correct trays every day, just like you would brush your teeth.
  3. Can I use mouthwash to clean my Clear Correct trays?
    • No, mouthwash is not an effective way to clean Clear Correct trays. It can damage the tray and potentially cause staining or discoloration. Instead, brush and rinse the tray as directed in this guide.


Cleaning your Clear Correct trays is essential for maintaining good oral hygiene and preventing cavities and gum disease. With these simple steps and tips, you can keep your trays looking their best and ensure a successful treatment.