How to Beat Level 99 on Candy Crush: The Ultimate Guide

Are you stuck on level 99 of Candy Crush and can’t seem to progress?

Are you tired of playing the same levels over and over again?

Look no further, as we have put together an ultimate guide on how to beat level 99 on Candy Crush. Follow these steps to unlock your inner candy master and reach new heights in the game!

1. Understand the Mechanics of Candy Crush

Before you start playing level 99, it’s important to understand the mechanics of Candy Crush. This will help you make better decisions and increase your chances of success.

Some key concepts to keep in mind include:

  • The importance of matching candies of the same color, as this is the most effective way to clear levels quickly.
  • The power of special candies, such as the striped candy or the frozen candy, which can help you clear large amounts of candies at once.
  • The different types of obstacles you may encounter on level 99, including locked boxes, time limits, and moving objects.
    1. Plan Your Moves Carefully

When playing level 99, it’s important to plan your moves carefully. This will help you maximize your efficiency and avoid getting stuck.

Some tips for planning your moves include:

  • Always aim for the biggest match possible on each turn, as this will clear the most candies and create more opportunities for future matches.
  • Take advantage of special candies whenever possible to clear large amounts of candies at once.
  • Be aware of any obstacles or time limits that may be in your way and adjust your strategy accordingly.
    1. Practice, Practice, Practice

The key to beating level 99 on Candy Crush is practice. The more you play, the better you will become at strategizing and making quick decisions.

Here are some tips for practicing:

  • Play the game every day to keep your skills sharp.
  • Try different levels or challenges to keep things interesting.
  • Keep track of your progress and identify areas where you need to improve.
    1. Stay Motivated and Positive

Beating level 99 on Candy Crush can be frustrating and demotivating, especially if you’ve been playing for a long time. It’s important to stay motivated and positive to keep pushing through the challenges.

Some tips for staying motivated include:

  • Set achievable goals for each level or challenge.
  • Reward yourself when you complete a level or achieve a high score.
  • Share your progress with friends or family to stay accountable and motivated.
    1. Seek Advice from Experts

If you’re still struggling to beat level 99 on Candy Crush, don’t be afraid to seek advice from experts. There are many online resources and communities dedicated to helping players like you achieve success in the game.

Some places to start include:

  • Candy Crush forums or subreddits where players share tips and strategies.
  • Online guides and tutorials that offer step-by-step instructions on how to beat specific levels.
  • Social media channels where players and experts share their progress and advice in real-time.


Beating level 99 on Candy Crush may seem impossible, but with practice, patience, and persistence, you can overcome any challenge. Remember to understand the mechanics of the game, plan your moves carefully, practice regularly, stay motivated and positive, and seek advice from experts when needed.