World Moringa Meeting 2022


World Moringa Meeting 2022

The Global Moringa Meeting event aims to help Moringa farmers and project developers around the world understand Moringa cultivation and add value to their Moringa business. The main topics of this event cover the fields of agronomy, horticulture, biology, engineering, marketing and financial aspects of commercializing Moringa.

Topics are carefully selected to cover agronomy, horticulture, biology, engineering, marketing and the financial aspects of marketing Moringa. ABC is recognized as an important platform for productive exchanges between the academic, business and investment communities.

Key practices include:

  • Moringa Elite Selections for Higher Productivity Per Acre

  • Proper Techniques for Feeding Young Trees in a Nursery

  • Healthy practices to reduce the incidence of disease

  • Maximizing yields through effective implementation of intercropping

  • Minimize the use of fertilizers and irrigation

  • Best silviculture practices to increase productivity and facilitate harvesting

  • Reduced losses during seed harvesting, storage and oil extraction

  • Adding value to Moringa projects with the use of by-products.

  • Proper techniques for growing, harvesting and processing Moringa leaves

  • The scientists and experts at Moringa India have over 20 years of in-depth expertise and varied practical experience in growing Moringa in a variety of soil types.

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Event name: World Moringa Meeting 2022
Date: November 20-22, 2022

Advanced Biofuels Center

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