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Wordle has quickly become one of the most popular online word games. With just one puzzle a day for everyone to play, it’s simple, fun, and easy to share your success on Twitter. If you’re looking for tips on how to play Wordle like a pro, we’ve got you covered.

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How to play Wordle

Wordle is a free browser-based word game. You start by typing in a 5-letter word which results in color-coded highlights that give you clues as to how close you are to the correct answer. You only have 6 tries to find the correct word and solve the puzzle.

  • Green means you have this letter in the correct location
  • Yellow means you have a correct letter in the wrong location
  • Gray means the letter is not included in the solution

Tips for Wordle

  • Choose a good starting word – The first 5 letter word you choose can have a huge impact on how quickly you solve the puzzle. The best starter words include either lots of vowels or a mix of the most common consonants (R, S, N, H, L, D, and T) and vowels. Here are some good starting Wordle words:
    • Farewell
    • React
    • Cream
    • Acute
    • Soare

Visit the Wordle Starter Words page for even more suggestions.

  • Choose a good second word – A good seed word should give you some yellow and green to work with, but if you’re willing to waste a second guess to cover more common letters, you can cover more ground. For example, if you start with goodbye, your second word could be count, allowing you to cover 10 letters with just two guesses.
  • Words can have two letters of the same letter – Although you should absolutely avoid starting with a two-letter word, this does not mean that the Wordle solution does not include two letters of the same letter. If you’re having trouble getting the answer right, you may need to reuse already green vowels and consonants.
  • Do not reuse shaded letters– Once a letter is greyed out, avoid using it again. It may be tempting to reuse these letters for the purpose of guessing specific letters, but each gray letter you use again will be a pointless guess.
  • Use Google to find 5 letter words – If you’re struggling to find 5-letter words to use, Google will be your best friend. Try searching for things like 5-letter words starting with W or TI to find words you can use.

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