Will the Cancerverse reality be introduced in the MCU?


MCU has definitely explored its darker side with its latest installations, including Multiverse of Madness. Marvel is also developing a Marvel Zombies project on Disney+. This would include zombie versions of your favorite characters, including Colonel America and a Spider-Man who ate both Aunt May and his wife Mary Jane. However, there is still a darker reality for the MCU to explore. It’s the Cancerverse.

What is the Cancerverse?

The Cancervers

Cancerverse is the dark and unfortunate reality of Earth-10011. In this reality, life had conquered death. The Multiple Angles fueled eternal life and corrupted this reality entirely. The corruption began with the death of Marv-Vell while suffering from cancer. As Captain Marvel succumbed to her illness, the Many Angled Ones felt the tremendous amounts of empathy and grief felt by the universe that loved her so much. So they went to him and offered him a way out. They told Mar-Vell that even death could be defeated. Even death can die. These entities granted Mar-Vell the power to kill death. A distraught and desperate Captain Marvel has corrupted the Avengers, Defenders, X-Men and Fantastic Four in this way.

Lord Mar-Vell of the Cancerverse

Thereafter, all the heroes together performed a ritual known as the Necropsy. Through this ritual, they could sacrifice the Avatar of Death and thus defeat Death itself on the spaceship known as Sanctuary.This allowed the Many Angled Ones to take full control of the world and fully influence it. The heroes became slaves and began to worship them. Thus, they gave the heroes gifts of power and turned them into demons with their old powers and abilities. The Many Angled Ones even killed and beheaded Galactus.

Eventually, a rift was accidentally created due to the T-bomb or Terrigen Bomb exploding during a fight between Black-Bolt and the Vulcans on Earth-616. This opened a gateway between the reality of the Cancerverse and Earth-616.

The Avengers


The Avengers became the Revengers after their corruption at the hands of Captain Marvel and the Many Angled Ones. Likewise, the X-Men became Ex-Men and Fantastic Four became Ftaghn Four. The so-called heroes of the Cancerverse, specifically the Revengers, invaded Earth-616 by taking advantage of the rift that was created. This attack was carried out by none other than Mar-Vell on behalf of the Many Angled Ones.

Thanos summons Death to the Cancerverse

In Earth-616, Thanos was the Avatar of Death. He and the Guardians of the Galaxy had entered the Cancerverse to combat this reality. So the Revengers and Mar-Vell went to confront Thanos and even managed to kill him. However, this summoned death itself into the Cancerverse. She then went on a rampage, but to no avail. Indeed, the death of Earth-616 could not affect the Cancerverse. This way, the Revengers kept coming back and couldn’t be defeated. But they were kicked out of Earth-616 because it was saved from corruption. Oddly enough, Captain America of Cancerverse never said Avengers Assemble. Instead, it said Revengers Dismember!

MCU hints at Cancerverse

There have already been many Cancerverse Easter Eggs in the MCU. In the comics, the operation designed to find out more about the Rift, the Portal to the Multiverse, is known as Project PEGASUS. A project of the same name has also been undertaken in the MCU. The difference is that in the MCU it’s used to explore the Tesseract. What’s even more interesting is that the project was helmed by Wendy Lawson, the MCU’s Mar-Vell, who just happens to be arguably the most important character in the Cancerverse reality.

PEGASUS project

Additionally, the base of operations for the PEGASUS project was Knowhere. Planet Knowhere has also been shown in the MCU on multiple accounts as it houses the Collector’s Museum. The Revengers name was also referenced in the MCU during Thor: Ragnarok. The only question is that since Thanos in the MCU is already dead, who exactly is the Avatar of Death? The MCU could very well use this opportunity to bring Hela back as the Avatar. Either way, the Cancerverse should definitely be explored in the MCU because it would give fans such an interesting perspective on their beloved heroes.


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