wiki world completes “ark cabin” in wuhan, china


‘the ark hut’ by wiki world

Nestled in the bushes of Wuhan suburb, ‘The Ark Cabin’ is a two story building home getaway built by wiki world for a family of four. Characterizing this in wood cabin is a huge triangular roof that doubles as an intimate loft that exudes warmth. The eye-catching roof also caters to the southern climate of Wuhan by providing ample protection from sun exposure and rainy days.

The first floor is divided into two spatial blocks: it has a large terrace extending into the forest under the eaves and a separate room with a fireplace where the owners can spend time alone. The living room connects to a guest bathroom, with a staircase leading to the second floor triangular loft housing two bedrooms located at opposite ends. The architects concealed the air conditioning and lighting systems to maintain the purity of the woody and geometric texture of the loft.

Reflecting on the cabin, the owner, Paul, writes:This wooden house, for me, is both a reward and a place to come and catch my breath when I feel overwhelmed. The future lifestyle I imagine will be more about experience than success; the pursuit of success often comes with anxiety, while the experience is easier to acquire and more grounded and rewarding.

build with nature from start to finish

Wiki World (see more here) used a prefabricated wooden structure to complete “The Ark Cabin”. Throughout, the team kept every tree in place and preserved the original forest path and texture. We tried to create a precise relationship between the hut and the forest context. The structure is raised off the ground and no artificial walls or landscape are used. Nature is the best package,’ comments Wiki World.

The overall structure is Finnish timber, appearing as grainy plywood along the facades and charred cladding on the roof. By adopting these techniques, the architects hope to amplify the influence of matter on space and the senses.

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The owners were also involved in the process of building their house; ‘Paul said the log cabin was new and fun to build, the charred wood was nice, and it felt like home building a house together as a family in the forest and moving in together,” note Wiki World.

In conclusion, Paul states:The life experience is no less than a five star hotel. Wood insulation is excellent and a small fireplace can provide enough heat for such a large house. My wife, who has been afraid of ghosts since she was a child, didn’t want to leave after a week of living in the house. Before The Ark went online, many friends asked to come and stay there. Maybe it’s mostly out of curiosity, but I think they’ll come to love the house once they’ve lived there..’

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