Why the actor signed up for a cameo


Why did Brad Pitt sign up for a cameo in Deadpool 2? X-Force debuted in Deadpool 2, but not in the way fans expected. Every crew member was horribly murdered before Wade Wilson and Cable, and Domino fought back.

Vanisher, an unseen character who was never seen again, was portrayed by Brad Pitt. until he was trapped in electrical cables and burned to death. Only seconds of the Bullet Train star’s appearance in Deadpool 2 were seen on screen, but it was memorable.

Deadpool 2

To make the joke even better, the writers had Brad Pitt join the fun as a supporting character. They were surprised to see a star of this quality appear in the film for only a few seconds. Ryan Reynolds films seem to have a fetish with big star cameos. Chris Evans made an appearance in his most recent film, Free Guy, as a joke.

Deadpool 2

As a prominent leader in the film industry, it’s surprising that he accepted this small cameo role. However, he was relatively easy to persuade. In an interview with Ali Plumb to promote his new film, Brad Pitt was asked why he decided to enter the Marvel Universe in such an unexpected way and what the experience was like.

Why Brad Pitt’s reasoning is so insightful

While filming Deadpool 2, Brad Pitt said it was the easiest thing he had ever done:

“What was filming like? Pretty much the easiest thing I’ve ever done. [David Leitch is] an old friend of mine and he was… he was my stuntman starting with Fight Club and going until about 2004. And then he left and became a very good director, which is rare. Rare.”

He further added:

“Ryan called and said, ‘Why not?'”

More cameos might be in store for the future.

We don’t know if the actor is interested in joining the MCU or the DCEU, but we’d love for that to happen. On the other hand, this appearance was hilarious and the kind of thing only the Deadpool franchise could pull off.

In other words, now that Reynolds has managed to catch Brad Pitt’s attention, the question arises: what could he do if he had the full arsenal of Marvel Studios resources? Given that Deadpool 3 is only a few months away, such discussions are happening now. Fans will go wild at the prospect of all the possibilities the show’s production team can exploit.


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