Why Elden Ring: The Convergence is almost as thrilling as Elden Ring 2


To be clear, we don’t know much Ring of Elden‘s Convergence mod right now (although I’m working to find out more). However, this is one of the rare cases where a project’s potential seems like more than enough reason to be really excited about it.

After all, The Convergence didn’t just add a ton of content to dark souls 3; he skillfully implemented a ton of new content into the base dark souls 3 experience without destroying the delicate balance of this game. We’ve seen many other (admittedly awesome) mods that add new spells, bosses, and items to a game. One of the things that made The Convergence so awesome was the heal made to ensure that all of these additions served to improve what made dark souls 3 special rather than just giving you a bunch of new toys.

For example, if a new spell trivialized a boss fight, that boss fight would change to compensate for the power of the new ability. If a new enemy was added, the developers of The Convergence took the time to make sure it matched the game’s story as closely as possible. That’s not to say The Convergence is perfect, but it’s rare to find a mod that emphasizes logical content rather than “more stuff”. Honestly, there are ideas in The Convergence (like your choice of Covenant significantly affecting your build) that should probably be standard in FromSoftware Soulsborne games going forward.

While the first version of Ring of EldenConvergence’s mod (which probably won’t be out for a while) obviously won’t be as deep as the final version of dark souls 3‘s Convergence mod, that’s not the point. Even in its earliest forms, dark souls 3The Convergence mod made you look at this game in a new way. Only the most dedicated dark souls 3 players have been able to get closer to its various updates since then.

The simplest form of Ring of EldenThe Convergence mod will almost certainly give you a reason to dive back into Ring of Elden. The hypothetical final form of this mod can actually do Ring of Elden something closer to a new game. Even better, the Convergence team has shown they can set incredibly lofty goals and achieve them. Other than FromSoftware themselves, I don’t know if there’s any other team I trust more to take on the challenge of redesigning such a chill masterpiece as Ring of Elden.

I think YouTuber SilverSerapym said it well when he said that the most awesome thing about dark souls 3The Convergence mod was that it provided a way to properly recapture the feeling of playing this game for the first time. The idea of ​​experiencing this same feeling with Ring of Elden seems like an impossible dream that just might come true.


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