Who would win between Galactus and Eternity?


Galactus is the devourer of worlds. He’s one of the most powerful entities in the Marvel Universe in both the comics and the MCU. There are only a few other entities or rather cosmic beings who are stronger than him. One of them is eternity. MCU fans have definitely heard of Eternity, especially now that Thor: Love and Thunder is also out on Disney+. Eternity was the being who granted Gorr’s wish to bring back his dead daughter, Love.

Who is eternity?

Eternity in Marvel

Eternity is a cosmic being who would literally defeat Galactus in seconds. Yes, he is so powerful. He first appeared in Weird Tales #138 by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and John Severin. He is literally the anthropomorphic embodiment of the Marvel Universe. This means eternity is a sum total of all life and all things that exist in the universe itself, which essentially makes him the “father” of Galactus. He is also the personification of time.

In fact, the only powers greater than eternity are the Living Tribunal and the One-Above-All. It also gave rise to several offspring which were also concepts such as Empathy, Eulogy, Opportunity, Entropy, Epiphany, Enmity, and Aeon. Additionally, he could transform into a human form if needed, though he only does so on rare occasions during threats to the universe. He did this once to help Doctor Strange defeat Dormammu. He is ubiquitous on Earth-616 and there is an eternity at the center of every Universe.

All his powers

Eternity and Thanos

Eternity represents all time in the universe and has unlimited ability to manipulate time, space, matter, energy, or reality. He is almost omnipotent and omniscient. He stands above all other abstract entities such as Master Order, Lord Chaos, Sire Hate, Mistress Love and many more. Moreover, it can manifest itself in any living force on Earth. As seen in Thor: Love and Thunder, he resides at the very center of the universe and can only be accessed through the Gates of Eternity. The doors could only be opened by the Bifrost which was its key. The first person to reach it would be granted a wish. Moreover, the wish could be absolutely anything. Eternity could bring back the dead and even kill all the Gods in the entire universe at once and in seconds.

Gorr asks for his wish

In fact, he was one of the entities responsible for creating the Infinity Stones. The other entities were entropy, infinity and death. The vault of the Temple of Morag which housed the Orb containing the Stone of Power, had a mural of Eternity and the other entities. He is obviously also immortal. He can also bestow magical powers like he did with Love when she was born with the powers of a God.

Eternity versus Galactus

Galactus vs. Eternity

Eternity and Galactus have no reason to clash and have even helped each other in the comics before. It was during Mr. Fantastic’s trial. Galactus and the Watcher had summoned Eternity. He then allowed millions of extraterrestrial viewers to momentarily become one with the universe so they could understand that Galactus was part of the natural order of the universe. In fact, Galactus is often called the third force in the universe between eternity and death. His purpose was to balance life and death, thus preventing the cosmic entities of eternity and death from becoming more powerful than each other. In this way, Galactus generally exists for the benefit of Eternity.

However, if we were to pit the two against each other, Eternity would definitely come out on top. To be brutally honest, Galactus doesn’t hold a candle for him. In fact, when Thanos first won the Infinity Gauntlet and managed to acquire all 6 Infinity Stones, Eternity was the last being standing between him and omnipotence. The only equal to him is his sister counterpart known as Infinity. Galactus is more powerful than most Celestials and they will team up to fight him. He is an incredible force in the cosmic pantheon. But eternity is the very personification of the universe. He also defeated death and that too quite easily.


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