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Warning: This post contains spoilers for the Star Trek: Strange New Worlds episode “All Those Wandering”.

By ruling out any sci-fi plot twists (which, as I’ve said before, you should never rule out when it comes to Star Trek), “All Those Who Wander” marks Hemmer’s dramatic ending ( Bruce Horak), the USS Company chief engineer in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.

I still mourn the undeniably powerful but, in my opinion, premature decision to cut the character from the show. Hemmer was such a finely tuned character that he kept his warp engines. He was by turns gruff, witty, and profoundly wise. And, aside from half-Vulcan science officer Spock (Ethan Peck), engineer Aenar was the only alien among the series regulars.

I don’t expect Strange new worlds to address the CompanyThe sudden need for a new chief engineer in this week’s episode as it’s the first season finale. And it’s possible the series will try to move forward without a recurring chief engineer, as the first season of Star Trek: The Next Generation has tried.

But more likely, Strange new worlds season two will introduce a new chief engineer. The only question is who will take the job? Does the new Company Is the Chief Engineer a character we’ve known from season one, or from Trek’s biggest mythos, or a whole new character?

Several characters could become the Enterprise’s new chief engineer on Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.

Whether, as some fans have speculated, Strange new worlds will eventually turn into a full fledged reboot of the original star trek series, season two might be a good time to introduce a young Montgomery Scott, the chief engineer starred in TOS by the talented James Doohan.

We’ve already seen Scotty successfully recast in Star Trek. Simon Pegg plays a perfect Scotty in the Kelvin Timeline movies.

And, in the unofficial Star Trek Continues web series, James Doohan’s own son, Chris, takes over the role his father originated.

Plus, there’s already precedent for Scotty’s presence on the Company before TOS. In the 1989 novel Vulcan’s Glory, Scotty joins the crew during Christopher Pike’s tenure as captain, although Scotty was a junior engineer at the time. He works under the supervision of Chief Engineer Caitlin Barry and, when operating his illicit moonlight still in the engine room, tries to avoid it.

As licensed Star Trek fiction, Vulcan’s Glory isn’t “canonical”, but it was written by no less a Trek mover and agitator than DC Fontana. Either a young Scotty or Caitlin Barry, a female Star Trek chief engineer a decade before B’Elanna Torres on Star Trek: Voyager– could be considered a good choice for Strange new worlds and a fitting homage to Dorothy Fontana.

Another non-canonical but previously established candidate for the job would be Moves-With-Burning-Grace, a human of Maasai descent who was Captain Pike’s chief engineer in Marvel Comics’ Too Short Lifespan. Star Trek: First Voyages series (February 1997-June 1998).

Grace hasn’t spent too much time in the comic book spotlight, but the creators Dan Abnet and Ian Edgeton established both his quasi-religious reverence for speed and his skill in physical combat. Both character traits would create fun and exciting moments in the series. And Grace has made sporadic appearances in other fiction licensed by the Memory Beta wiki, so moving this character from page to screen might be a logical move.

Captain Pike could also promote a new Company chief interior engineer. If he did, I would vote for the transfer of Erica Ortegas (Melissa Navia) from the helm to the engine room – not to be seen less, but to be seen more! Navia plays Ortegas as exceptionally skilled and wonderfully witty, but above all Strange new worlds‘ main characters, Ortegas received the least attention.

“All the Wanderers” was the exception that proved the rule. At Hemmer’s funeral, Ortegas delivered a moving eulogy and mentioned that the Aenar was the finest engineer she had ever served with. Perhaps she would like to honor Hemmer by following in his footsteps.

We’ve seen crew members switch specialties before. Sulu served in astrophysics and the botany laboratory before settling as helmsman on TOS. Cadet Uhura rotated through departments Strange new worlds. We even saw a regular Trek character go from helm to Company Chief Engineer-The next generationby Geordi La Forge. His move into engineering did nothing to diminish his importance or prevent us from learning much about him. There’s no reason a similar move shouldn’t work for Ortegas.

If I had to bet quatloos, I would bet Strange new worlds will introduce a whole new character to serve again Company Chief Engineer. But no matter who continues to tend matter-antimatter flow and heal dilithium crystals in season two and beyond, we’ll always remember Hemmer, who set the bar high for “fixing what’s broken.” “.


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