Who was Larry Petree? California musician and wife found dead in Mojave Desert


Musician Larry Petree and his wife Betty have been found dead in mysterious circumstances, leading to several speculations on the internet. Their bodies were discovered on a deserted road in California and the exact cause of death remains unknown.

The Kern County Sheriff’s Office said the pair were found near Proctor Boulevard and 150th Street on August 21. They added that the man was found unconscious in the front seat and the woman was leaning against a car tire. It looked like the car had run out of gas in the Mojave Desert, and there was no sign of criminal activity.

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As the news went viral, the couple’s friends and family members identified them. Larry’s cousin, Laurie Sanders, was amazed at what they were doing in the area and added that they didn’t have to travel far from home.

All about Larry Petree

Born in 1933 in Paden, Okla, Larry Petree moved to Bakersfield with his family as a child. After graduating from Bakersfield High School in 1951, he worked for a time in the United States Army and joined the Kern County Fire Department.

Larry Petree was a well-known musician in Bakersfield (Image via Brian Sonniksen/Facebook)
Larry Petree was a well-known musician in Bakersfield (Image via Brian Sonniksen/Facebook)

Compared to other musicians, Petree preferred to avoid touring and played several acts throughout his career. He frequently collaborated with singer and recording artist Jennifer Keel, who said Larry was a well-respected musician and steel player in the Bakersfield country music family. Keel also said,

“He loved playing music and even though he played with several bands over the years, he was always available to fill in for you whenever you needed him.”

He was introduced to guitarist and vocalist Ernie Lewis in 1979. Lewis has mentioned that he played with Larry in the late 80s and early 90s and played at several engagements at Ethels and bands. private parties. Lewis added that Petree was an expert in chord progressions and fills and was the first individual to steer him towards Western Swing.

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Ernie also said that Petree was meticulous when he worked at the Kern County Fire Department and could rebuild the engine without showing he worked on it. Ernie mentioned that Petree used to keep his tools clean, like his house and his music gear.

According to KGET, although Petree was punctual, he had recently seemed disoriented and one of his friends, Kim Hays, also went to help him when searching the site for an event where he was supposed to be. produce. Petree’s cousin, Laurie, remembers Larry not showing up for a show after getting confused while searching the venue.

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Despite being a well-known personality, Larry Petree did not have a Wikipedia page. Therefore, detailed information about his career, parents and education remains unknown.

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