Who is The Prodigal in Netflix x DC’s The Sandman? Exploring the Infinite Connection


Netflix x DC The sand man has finally been released on the streaming platform worldwide, and comic book fans are celebrating.

Receive immense praise from critics and audiences, The sand man sees Dream return to his dream realm a century after an occult ritual trapped him. Seeing his kingdom destroyed, he sets out to restore it.

With The Sandman featuring the Endless family, Neil Gaiman’s world from the comics has been faithfully adapted. However, there were still a few key players missing.

With The Prodigal not appearing on the show, the family was very incomplete.

Who is The Prodigal and how does he relate to The Sandman universe?

An illustration from The Prodigal (Image via DevianArt/DanielGovar)
An illustration from The Prodigal (Image via DevianArt/DanielGovar)

Before we get into The Prodigal, here’s a look at who The Endless themselves are. Originally from Neil Gaiman The sand man comics, they’re basically a dysfunctional family that possesses the most powerful strengths and aspects of the DC Universe itself.

Being among the most powerful beings in the DC Universe, The Endless appears in various forms with extremely pale skin. They mainly spend time performing their duties as embodiments of various forces.

For example, the protagonist Dream/Morpheus rules over the Dream Kingdom and takes care of everyone’s dreams.

Infinity consists of death, dream, fate, destruction, desire, despair and delirium. Now, The sand man the show features none.

The Prodigal is The Endless who embodies Destruction. The show mentions him briefly when Dream and Death discuss his whereabouts.

Being the fourth and eldest of the siblings, The Prodigal is a tall man with red hair. Abandoning his duties would cause a huge conflict between the siblings, as the Realm of Destruction would go unchecked. It is then that he will obtain the name of The Prodigal.

“Death has family — Desire, Destiny, Despair.” “Which one do I have?” “Dream.” meet the infinite and powerful supernatural beings who are the physical manifestations of their respective names…and one hell of a dysfunctional family #The sand man https://t.co/FbJ9rwcL40

He has abandoned his field and his duties because he believes that the advancement of science will bring destruction on a universal and global scale. Not wanting to be responsible, he disappears three hundred years before Dream was captured.

He truly is the embodiment of destruction, but he never causes it himself. However, being part of it, he is involved in many aspects.

With the show mentioning it, fans can expect it to appear in its second season. As a crucial part of lore and history, her appearance is a given.

With him also teased, the creators are gearing up for a massive reveal by his looks. If fans also follow the comics, they can expect Dream and Delirium to go in search of The Prodigal because they need his help. Unfortunately, in the comics, this leads to him disappearing again.

Whatever the future of The Prodigal in The sand man maybe, fans are sure they can see it soon. Here’s hoping Netflix announces a second season soon.

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