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This page includes instructions on where you can find Smithing Stones to upgrade your weapons. Since it’s one of the main ways to increase your damage (making it potentially even more vital than leveling up), you’ll use tons of it during your time in the Lands Between.


In Elden Ring, upgrading your character to increase your attributes and stats will only get you so far. Whether you prefer strength, magic, health, or stamina, you’ll always need a good weapon or catalyst, and you can increase the power, damage, and how it scales with your own statistics using Smithing Stones at a Smithing Table or with a master blacksmith.

Smithing Stones come in two main types – Regular and Dark, and have multiple ranks. Tier 1 Forge Stones can boost your weapon to a +3 effect, while higher rank stones will allow you to further strengthen your weapon. Some weapons that have special properties or unique weapon skills that cannot be traded require Dark Forge Stones instead.

Often, if you feel like you’re not hurting a tough enemy or boss, you may need to seek out Smithing Stones to increase your damage and beat those challenges.

Forging Stones (and Dark Forging Stones) can be found literally everywhere in the Midlands. They are mostly found on random humanoid bodies that you can loot all over the open world, in mini-dungeons, off the beaten path in Legacy Dungeons, and everywhere else. You’ll usually find Smithings Stones properly leveled for the difficulty of the area you’re in – sometimes a little higher, and sometimes a little lower but in greater quantity. However, Smithing Stones found on placed bodies can only be looted once.

Similarly, you can also search for Smithing Stones and Somber Smithing Stones in tunnel mines that double as mini-dungeons. Inside these areas, you’ll often find enemy diggers hard at work mining, and you can interact with the golden clumps of ore along the walls to loot the Smithing Stones, or loot the glowing white ore to get of the Somber Smithing Stones. Here are some examples of tunnels containing stones:


Enemies that drop Forge Stones

While harder to pin down, some enemies also have a chance to drop Forge Stones. Some enemies will despawn after defeating them, while others can be “farmed” for a low chance of obtaining them. For a better chance, you may need to increase your Discovery stat by investing in the Arcane attribute or using consumables that boost Discovery. These include the following enemies that we know of:

  • Bladed Lion, Stormveil Castle (Once) – Dark Smithing Stone 1
  • Godrick Soldiers, Raya Lucarian Soldiers – Smithing Stone 1
  • Exiled Soldiers, Castle Stormveil – Smithing Stone 1
  • Giant Hands at Caria Manor, Liurnia – Dark Smithing Stone 2
  • Summoned Raya Lucaria Soldiers – Smithing Stone 2
  • Stone Diggers at Ravine-Voiled Village, Liurnia – Smithing Stone 4
  • Fanged Imps, Caelid Dungeons – Smithing Stone 4
  • Leyndell’s Soldiers, Altus Plateau – Smithing Stone 4
  • Bladed Lions, Caelid (once) – Dark Smithing Stone 4
  • Giant Hands, Mt Gelmir – Dark Smithing Stone 4
  • Giant Hands, Royal Capital of Leyndell – Dark Smithing Stone 4
  • Chariots of Flame, Mount Gelmir – Smithing Stone 5
  • Mausoleum Soldiers, Deeproot Depths – Smithing Stone 5
  • Fanged Imps, Subterranean Avoidance Lands – Smithing Stone 5
  • Fallingstar Beast, Caelid (once) – Smithing Stone 7, Dark Smithing Stone 6
  • Fallingstar Beast, Altus Plateau (one time) – Dark Smithing Stone 5, Smithing Stone 6
  • Giant’s Hands, Underground Avoidance Floors – Dark Smithing Stone 7
  • Stone Miners, Yelough Anix Tunnel – Smithing Stone 6, 7

Some locations in the Midlands have statues with a glowing object inside. You can lure nearby trolls to hit them with their attacks, smashing them to reveal Smithing Stones. There is one in Storm Hill in West Limgrave surrounded by trolls that contains Smithing Stone 1 x5 and a Smithing Stone 2. A fallen statue in Stormveil Castle before the Liftside Chamber contains Smithing Stone 1 x5 and a Smithing Stone 2.

Merchants who sell forging stones

With the Elden Ring patch 1.03 update, some merchants will now sell limited amounts of Smithing Stones for you to purchase and use. These include the following merchants in some locations:

Merchant location Forging stones sold
Nomadic Merchant (West Limgrave Beach) Forge Stone 1 x3 (200 runes)
Nomadic Merchant (East Limgrave Saintsbridge) Forge Stone 1 x3 (200 runes)
Nomadic Merchant (East Limgrave Mistwood) Forge Stone 1 x3 (200 runes)
Nomadic Merchant (Weeping Peninsula Castle Morne Rempart) Forge Stone 1 x3 (200 runes)
Forge Stone 2 x1 (400 runes)
Lone Merchant (Lone Merchant Shack in the Weeping Peninsula) Forge Stone 2 x3 (400 runes)
Nomadic Merchant (Liurnia Lakeshore) Forge Stone 1 x5 (200 runes)
Forge Stone 2 x3 (400 runes)
Master Blacksmith Inji (Caria Manor Road) Dark Smithing Stone 1 (unlimited) (2,000 runes)
Dark Smithing Stone 2 (unlimited) (3,000 runes)
Dark Forge Stone 3 x3 (4,000 runes)
Dark Forge Stone 4 x3 (6,000 runes)

How to Buy Unlimited Forge Stones


While areas like the Limgrave Tunnels have quite a few Smithing Stone 1s and a few Smithing Stone 2s, once you’ve looted the walls you have to rely on the low drop chance of killing miners.

Luckily, there are ways to buy an unlimited number of Smithing Stones of different types, which means you can more easily experiment with the weapons you’re interested in without running out of supplies.

How to Buy Unlimited Forge Stones 1 and 2

In the Liurnia area of ​​the lakes (in the low, swampy part) you will find a grace site called “Academy Gate Town”. From there head north and follow the cliffs and you will find the Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel.

Go down to the lower level and defeat the boss (use smash weapons and block, then go around and backstab for the easiest time) to get the Forge Miner’s Bell Bearing.


Go back to the round table and talk to the Maiden Husks. Select “give a bell roll” then turn it back in to add an infinite amount of Smithing Stone 1 and 2 to their inventory.

These allow you to upgrade common weapons to +3 and +6, respectively.

How to Buy Unlimited Dark Forge Stones 1 and 2

At the western end of Liurnia of the Lakes you will find the Road To The Manor Site of Grace. Next door is a friendly giant named Inji who can forge weapons and sells an infinite amount of Somber Smithing Stone 1 and 2, as well as some finite amounts of Somber Smithing Stone 3 and 4.


These allow you to upgrade special weapons like Reduvia to +3 and +6, respectively.

In addition to this, you can also find another Bell Bearing, Sombertone Miner’s Bell Bearing 1, in a dungeon known as Sellia Crystal Tunnel (the same one you can randomly teleport to from a chest in the Dragonburnt Ruins).

Inside this Caelid dungeon, you can defeat the Fallingstar Beast to not only get lots of Forge Stones, but also the Bell Bearing which can be given to Twin Maiden Husks to purchase Dark Stones.

How to Buy Unlimited Forge Stones 3 and 4

Once you arrive on the Altus plateau, you will have to fight your way through the heavily defended gates to reach Leyndell, the capital. Once inside, you’ll find a large outer area before you reach the Legacy Dungeon proper – and a large ravine separating the inner wall.

Search along the far southern end of the ravine below the walls to find the Sealed Tunnel, which is full of illusory walls to lead you deeper into the mini dungeon. The first master chamber has a chest on the right side guarded by Vulgar Militia, and inside the chest you’ll find the Smithing-Stone Miner’s Bell Bearing 2.


Take that back to the Twin Maiden Husks and you can buy unlimited amounts of Smithing Stone 3 and Smithing Stone 4.

How to Buy Unlimited Dark Forge Stones 3 and 4

Still on the Atlus plateau, head towards the center of the region and look along the cliff walls in the valley southeast of the minor Erdtree for the entrance to the Atlus tunnels.

You’ll need to defeat the two Crytalian bosses (make sure you have hit weapons), and you’ll be rewarded with the Somberstone Miner’s Bell Bearing 2.

Take that back to the Twin Maiden Husks and you can buy unlimited amounts of Somber Smithing Stone 3, Somber Smithing Stone 4, and Cracked Crystals.

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