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For those not in the know, the SCP Wiki is the largest collaborative writing project ever, with its huge catalog referenced on social media like TikTok. Originally started in the late 2000s, the project has grown steadily over the years. The SCP wiki website is home to tons of creepypasta, speculative fiction, sci-fi, and world-building.

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The universe that this writing collaboration focuses on centers around a fictional organization called the SCP Foundation. Meaning “Secure, Contain, Protect”, the organization is dedicated to protecting the normality of the world against abnormal phenomena. The majority of the articles on the website are dry snapshots of the various monsters and artifacts that the Foundation has obtained. Some of them are wacky, some weird, but newcomer SCP should start with stories that are easy to understand or introduce concepts from the universe.

ten SCP-173 – The Sculpture

A stone sculpture of SCP: Containment Breach Unity ver.

There is no better place to start than the beginning, SCP-173. This was the first ever written SCP, published anonymously. This item is a dangerous statue that must be watched at all times or it will come to life. Inevitably, if left unattended, it will break the necks of people nearby.

The object that moves when not observed is something of a horror trope. Fans of Doctor Who will notice similarities to the weeping angels. But The Sculpture is a much more grotesque version of the archetype, with its rebar construction and unfamiliar fluid excrement. Despite its simple premise, SCP-173 appears in several other SCP stories and articles.

9 SCP-055 – [unknown]

A missing graphics file from the SCP wiki

SCP-055 by qntm and CptBellman is a fairly esoteric concept. None of the researchers holding this object know what it is. It is not that the object cannot be observed, but it is that it cannot be remembered after looking away. This introduces the concept of “memetics”, dangerous ideas.

Specifically, 055 is an anti-meme, which means it tries to fade away from people’s minds. This item is considered dangerous not because it poses an active threat, but because it cannot be searchable. None of the hundreds of scientists the Foundation employs can learn much. In fact, all they know is that it’s not a sphere.


8 SCP-1609 – The Remains of a Chair

Mulch and a strange chair from Lawnstarter and Heroes Wiki

Although the universe is named after them, the SCP Foundation is not the only organization involved in the weird. In Rioghail’s SCP-1609, readers encounter an object that collided with the Global Occult Coalition. While the SCP Foundation is often criticized for blocking anomalies, these are not the worst; the GOC unjustly attempted to destroy this anomaly.

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This pile of mulch was once a full chair. Before, the chair teleported behind the people who were to be seated. It was unusual but harmless. But after the government of China tried to destroy it, it turned into wood chips that fiercely fell on people.

seven SCP-682 – Difficult to Destroy Reptile

Reptile-like creature from SCP Wiki

The SCP Foundation tries not to destroy anomalies. They only make exceptions for the most dangerous, such as SCP-682 by Dr Gears and Epic Phail Spy. Unfortunately, this danger lives up to its name by being fundamentally immortal.

It’s a large reptilian creature with a hatred of all living things, and she could rival any of the deadly reptiles from horror movies. It has to be kept submerged in acid, one of the only things that can slow it down. The creature escapes frequently, causing death and destruction wherever it passes. But most notable are his test logs, which detail the Foundation’s attempts to ultimately kill him.

6 SCP-999 – The Tickle Monster

Photo of SCP-999 The Tickling Monster

Not all of the monsters contained by the Foundation are dangerous to humans. There is an orange slime ball that wants nothing more than to bring joy to people. This is ProfSnider’s SCP-999, an anomaly classified as “Safe Class”. He has the ability to make anything laugh.

The Foundation attaches so much importance to this object that it even allows it to leave its cell. It’s the rare dangerous or dark twist-free anomaly, just being cute in a horror universe. In fact, this anomaly is even capable of pacifying other anomalies. Even the aforementioned SCP-682 is no match for this slimy boy.

5 SCP-096 – The “Shy Dude”

The Shy Guy shouting and coming out of a window in SCP-096

Every good horror universe has a pursuer; the great terrifying entity that will not stop in its desire to acquire its goal, breaking any obstacle in the way. There are many good examples of this in the SCP Universe, but one of the most famous is Dr. Dan’s SCP-096. This pale, elongated man will relentlessly pursue anyone who sees his face.

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Although initially appearing as the reverse of the previous Sculpture, it goes further than that. Even drawings or videos of his face will turn the Shy Guy off. Even if a man sees him halfway around the world, he will immediately go after him. He is even known to swim to the bottom of the ocean to protect his face from being known.

4 SCP-3008 – A Perfectly Normal Normal Old Ikea

An IKEA interior and a member of the SCP-3008 game staff.

One phenomenon that has swept across social media is liminal spaces. These are dreamlike spaces that seem to go on forever, and one place these seem to be common is the popular IKEA furniture hypermarket. Buyers have complained for years about the lack of storefronts.

SCP-3008 de Mortos takes this idea to fruition. It’s the interior of an IKEA hypermarket that truly lasts forever, with refugee camps stuck inside the store, stalked by staff-like creatures. This idea turned out to be popular enough that an independent developer would try to make it a survival game.

3 SCP-1733 – Opens the Season

CNN 2010 season opener news photo

Time loops are quite common in movies and other media. Recent films like Happy day of the dead attempted to explore the horror of the premise that groundhog day made popular. Bbaztek’s SCP-1733 continues the trend of deconstruction by connecting to a real event. This is a recording of the actual opening NBA basketball game of the 2010 season where those on the tape know it is a recording.

In the early days of photography, there was a superstition that being captured on film would steal your soul. This SCP fulfills this concept, as sports commentators, athletes and even fans slowly come to grips with their predicament. While all of these people are still represented in the real world, these duplicates are still essentially trapped. Things get more and more haunting as the video continues to replay, leading to a truly damned conclusion.

2 SCP-1981 – Ronald Reagan cut off while speaking

Photo from Evil Empite Speech from Wikipedia

The horror is often incomprehensible. It’s hard to be afraid of something that you understand, after all. Digiwizzard’s SCP-1981 really looks into this; initially appearing recognizable but turning into a bizarre horror. This is a recording of Ronald Reagan’s famous “Evil Empire” speech slowly going off the rails as cuts form on his body.

As the breaks form, the speech turns into a salad of words that sometimes predicts future events. Additionally, the content of the recording is different on subsequent viewings, including different injuries and mysterious figures in the president’s entourage. This juxtaposition of a famous historical event and a mutilation makes for a truly gruesome read. This is a good example of a terrifying “Safe Class” SCP.

1 SCP-3001 – Red Reality

Red light in the dark of iStock

SCP-3001 of OZ Ouoroboros is great news set in the universe. It expands on the backstory of SCP Dr. Robert Scranton, who in previous articles has been established as the creator of an important piece of technology. This is where the collaborative nature of the universe really shines, being able to add more to the characters mentioned after the fact elsewhere. And the article itself is both existentially terrifying and extremely sad.

The SCP in question is not a monster or an object, but an extra-dimensional space. And the horror comes when Dr. Scranton accidentally finds himself trapped inside. What follows is a disturbing description of a man’s loss of sanity and the effect his disappearance has on those left behind. It’s a very engaging exploration of an isolated character that illustrates well the dangers lurking around every corner of the SCP Foundation universe.

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