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An Avengers footage that recently made the rounds on the internet has left many fans wondering if it’s a teaser for a new phase four project. Title Avengers: Quantum Encounter, the video is taken from a short film that is currently streaming exclusively on Disney’s Wish Cruise Line.

The new footage features popular characters: Kamala Khan, Captain Marvel, Sam Wilson’s Captain America, Ant-Man, and the Wasp. However, the movie really has nothing to do with the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a whole.

Since the movie is screened exclusively on the cruise, many fans aren’t sure what to make of it. Here we have attempted to shed some light on the viral images and dig deeper into its details.

Avengers: Quantum Encounter: Everything We Know About The Marvel Movie About Disney’s Cruise Line

Captain America and Ms. Marvel interact for the first time at ‘Avengers: Quantum Encounter’ https://t.co/pFnYjmnquV

The film sees Ms. Marvel, Captain America (Sam Wilson), Captain Marvel, Ant-Man, and the Wasp take on Ultron (voiced by Ross Marquand), who is attempting to steal Pym technology in order to cause hijinks with the Quantum Universe. It features Anthony Mackie not only back as Captain America, but also interacting with Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel for the first time.

It’s also the first time that Ms. Marvel and Captain Marvel have shared screen space and offers viewers a glimpse of the dynamics we might expect between the two in their upcoming film. Wonders.

Ant-Man and the Wasp are also seen fighting side by side.

Why is the film not connected to the MCU?

Wasp kicks ass (and looks cool doing it) at Avengers: Quantum Encounter events 🤩 https://t.co/YjQ0LtbUeu

According to the Marvel Fandom Wiki page, Avengers: Quantum Encounter takes place in a completely different universe, adjacent to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In this universe, Thanos never snaps his fingers, which leads to End of Game never happens here.

Given that there’s literally no reference to any of the MCU projects in the works, it’s safe to say that Avengers: Quantum Encounter is not tied to any of Marvel’s Phase Four ventures. Moreover, since the general public cannot verify it, it is unlikely that this universe will be visited anytime soon.

How Avengers: Quantum Encounter tackles the Ant-Man and Thanos meme

On the side of Ant-Man and Wasp, we see Paul Rudd address one of the biggest memes circulating during the era of Avengers: Endgameit is Release.

At the time, many fans began to speculate that Thanos could have been easily defeated if Ant-Man entered his body through one of his body cavities and expanded inside of him. , causing it to explode.

In the short, Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) responds to the rumors by saying:

“There’s a lot of chatter asking why I didn’t shrink down, I went in and uh…killed Thanos in a really creative way.”

Also, much to the delight of fans, he is seen beginning to offer an explanation for the same when he is cut off mid-sentence by the Wasp (Evangeline Lilly).

Ant-man actually explained why he didn’t kill Thanos as he said, “A more creative way”! This is from the Avengers Quantum encounter, on the Disney cruise ship Wish. That’s gold for comedy! 🤣 https://t.co/dPmhOOThNZ

The boys Season 3 recently led Marvel on the hunt, as it presented exactly what Marvel fans had originally speculated. In the series, a superhero shrinks and enters the body of his boyfriend. However, inside, he sneezes, causing him to accidentally expand, thus killing his partner.

Unfortunately, from now on the only way to watch Avengers: Quantum Encounter, that’s if you’re heading to Disney’s Wish Cruise Line. However, even if you can’t, you can rest assured that you won’t miss any crucial developments in the MCU.

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