What is edge computing and why it matters


01 Today

  • Focus on dedicated on-premises deployments
  • Explore network deployments at Packet Core sites
  • Integrate service orchestration with 5G Core
  • Establish partnerships with cloud providers

Dedicated networks | 5G core

02 Tomorrow

  • Provide end-to-end service with defined SLAs in a self-service and automated manner

  • Enable applications to interact with the network in advanced ways through network orchestration and exposure and easy-to-use APIs

Service Orchestration | Network slicing

03 Future

  • Deep integration of compute into the network, blurring the line between device, network edge and cloud
  • A single unified and integrated runtime environment for distributed applications, including both network functions and third-party applications.

Advanced Computing Research

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CTO talk sessions on 5G things

CTO Focus Sessions are fireside chats about the potential of Edge and 5G. Sessions are moderated by Ericsson CTO, Erik Ekudden, and include key players in the 5G ecosystem.

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