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To answer the question in the title, you’ll find a link to this article by Robert S. Becker on the progressive Nation of Change site: Trump’s Eight Worst Systemic Wrecks, Trials matter, convictions/penalties do too, but the fallout outlasts the outlaw. Number three on the list of eight has the reference to malignant narcissism, below, but all of the train wrecks listed are worth reading.

3) Trump’s Assault malignant narcissism against any rule, law or constitutional constraint that he may find in his path. At least Nixon was enough of a lawyer to understand what it meant to break the law – hence his more tactical and insular disruption. Being our first anti-president, Trump not only mocked the law, but undermined the concept of law, as the basis of justice, in turn the basis of civilization. That’s why the smartest fascists elsewhere push through legislative changes before they do the worst, then brag, “I’m just enforcing the law.” The Nazis passed racist legislation before scapegoating and then murdering countless “enemies of the state”.

Enabled by the dishonorable GOP, Trump’s four years have been a virtual mayhem, answering neither to the laws nor to the judges, to Congress nor to the majority. Thus, systemic threats to law and order trump personal violations but invoke the ghastly fiction that the concept of law itself is optional, even arbitrary in a democracy, especially if no one is to be above the law. Which campaign launched anarchy and disorder?

In June 2016, author Robert S. Becker did not use the term malignant narcissism in his Salon article.

“Narcissist in Chief: The Danger of Having Donald “Citizen” Trump in the White House – Fortress Narcissists like Kane and Trump Don’t Learn from Failure – It Makes Their Power Very Dangerous” but it very easily could have been that the term did not come into common usage at the time. Now, if you Google Trump Malignant Narcissism (here), you’ll find what seems like an endless number of articles. In all modesty, if you Google me, Trump and Malignant Narcissism, you’ll find plenty of stories I’ve posted on Daily Kos.

As far as I know, Duty of Warn founder Dr. John Gartner introduced the term to the media regarding Trump in his May 2017 USA Today article. “Trump’s malignant narcissism is toxic.”

Consider these excerpts from Becker’s 2016 essay comparing Trump to the character from the classic Orson Wells film “Citizen Kane”:

I have to tell you,” according to Trump’s verbal tics, “trust me, folks: ‘It’s child’s play to link Citizen Trump, the most unruly and narcissistic politician in memory, with Charles Foster Kane, the impulsive, narcissistic target of satire in Orson Welles’ classic “Citizen Kane.” Equally propelled by enormous legacies, both desperately yearn for fame and adoration, presume limitless “genius” when they trust their unfailing instincts, and proclaim that only their magic wands can save lives. multitudes of greedy elitists. Of course, both characters are overall fabrications, though Kane’s character is smarter, funnier, and more aware of irony. The inattentive Trump, whose tunnel vision seems filled with mirrors, loves the Kane figure and the movie.

Yet modern research proves that fortress narcissists cannot and/or are unwilling to learn from failure: they redouble their efforts when thwarted, convinced that the envious and inferior world is there to punish its heroes. specials. Corrective “lessons” are for losers, Trump might mutter. Dynamic narcissists resist all criticism, reducing slights to petty propaganda. Indeed, the powerful narrative of “Citizen Kane” depicts the calamities that occur when the island (anti)hero defies fate (also known as outer reality) and dies unloved.

I think everything Trump has done in the past, throughout his adult life up to and including what he did around the January 6 insurrection, is consistent with the fact that he is a malignant narcissist. I think his future behavior is predictable by understanding the psychopathology of a malignant narcissist. Like the scorpion in the fable, he stings the frog because it’s in his nature. We can only hope that one of these days, hopefully soon, Trump will suffer the same fate as the scorpion, and hope that since we are the frog, we won’t sink with him.




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