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What happened to Ajay Chowdhury, one of the main subjects of the Serpent? Here’s an update on Charles Sobhraj’s true criminal partner.

What happened to Ajay Chowdhury, one of the main subjects of The snake? Portrayed by Amesh Edireweera, the character functions as Charles Sobhraj’s (Tahar Rahim) right-hand man throughout the 2021 Netflix series, but then disappears after an enigmatic conversation. Chowdhury’s fate remains a mystery in The snake because the real individual disappeared after meeting in 1976 with his business partner and friend, Sobhraj.

The snake establishes Chowdhury as one of the main villains. The series premiere reveals his complicity in the murder of Teresa Knowlton, 21, and ultimately shows that he was guilty of many of Sobjraj’s crimes. The snake Also implies that Chowdhury clashed with his boss’s girlfriend, Marie-Andrée Leclerc (Jenna Coleman), which portends an end-of-season conflict that may be linked to his demise.


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In The snake, the filmmakers use various time jumps to explore Sobhraj’s life and crimes, and Chowdhury technically disappears at the end of Episode 6. While traveling with Sobhraj to Karachi, Pakistan, Edireweera’s character is confronted with its value for the operation. This implies that it is no longer reliable, and it is also called “a little brown thug” – a reference to an earlier comment by Leclerc. Sobhraj states that he wants Chowdhury to make his own way in the world, then get out of the vehicle without a physical confrontation. According to the true story, Chowdhury disappeared after this reunion, as shown in the final epilogue in The snake.

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According to a 2021 report (via Squire), an alleged sighting of Chowdhury in Germany in 1976 has never been confirmed. So, The snake may indeed provide an authentic version of events, as Chowdhury was not seen alive after his 1976 visit with Sobjraj. Before Leclerc’s death in 1984, she never officially spoke about what might have happened to her boyfriend’s right arm (via Distract). Chowdhury and Sobhraj will be forever linked by their crimes, but they weren’t exactly lifelong friends. The two reportedly met in 1975 (via Pop sugar), so the “Bikini Killer” probably didn’t feel indebted to his crime associate and likely felt more loyal to Leclerc.

The snake does not categorically state that Sobhraj murdered Chowdhury; however, it is a popular theory for those who are trying to understand the disappearance of the latter. Sobjraj remains in jail in Kathmandu and has admitted to killing at least 12 people, so it’s curious that he never spoke about Chowdhury’s fate. However, given that Chowdhury was a known killer, it’s certainly possible that he assumed a new identity and started a new life elsewhere. According to the aforementioned Edireweera, he is frustrated with the lack of closure for Chowdhury’s family (via Cinema addict): “For me, the biggest shock was hearing his parents talk about him … I heard Ajay’s mother talk about ‘her boy’ and get attached to the love she still showed him, despite everything that had happened. I felt a real sense of grief for the family [because they got no closure]. “

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