What are the best sales CRM tools for startups and small businesses


With Tracup, users can create and save tons of templates to reuse in the future and save even more time. It all starts in the project template center.

Overview of project templates

Tracup can now become your sales CRM tool or customer management center. Go to the project template center to set up an out-of-the-box template that works for users. Define user lists with phone numbers, service plan, transaction amount, and lead status that show what to do at a glance. Custom fields increase the number of columns available in a List, Table, File, and Wiki view. Now the contact details will be immediately available only in the list view without clicking on the specific task details.

Create a model

Users can get here in the following way.

Click the menu for where users want to apply the template or if they are admin or owner.

Users can access the center from their workspace, settings menu behind their avatar.

Let’s see how users can start using the Project Template Center in their workspace.


Click browse templates, here users will find all the templates they have created and saved. Besides the pre-built templates, Tracup is designed for common tasks such as CRM sales management, OKR management, and project management. And much more.


On the bottom left side of the project template.

Users have the ability to view the predefined templates that Tracup has provided to users.

Let’s start small.

Before users apply a template, they’ll want to see what’s included, to see those granular details. Select the template to open it and check the status of the custom fields and views saved there.

This is also where users can rename their models or add a description to make it more clear to other teammates.


Users will notice that some templates also have pre-recorded start and/or due dates, they can still keep these dates as is when using the template.


Or users can remap them to match a new timeline.

Let’s move on to creating a template.

To create a new model, users must first ensure that they have this hierarchical level of their workspace.

It is important to plan the task view accordingly before creating a template.


Once users have created their new template at the desired level, save it by clicking the settings icon for that level.


With the Project Template Center, navigating and applying templates to their work is truly easier than ever. Keep all user templates in one centralized location and save even more time with Tracup.

Ask for help:

If you encounter any problems while using the model, please contact Tracup.

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