What are rainbow stones used for?


Ring of Elden has a myriad of consumables that perform many functions that help the player in various circumstances. With each item given descriptions ranging from very detailed to exceptionally vague, it can be difficult for Tarnished to venture into FromSoftware’s beautiful Lands Between to find out how useful an item is without poring over the descriptions, reading the pages wiki and lots of trial and error.

An article, acquired relatively early in Ring of Elden, is the rainbow stone; provided the brief description “Shines with colored light when placed, serving as a guide”, players can wonder about the applications of a beautifully colored stone in the unforgiving landscape of Ring of Elden. However, this little stone hides an incredibly useful utilitymaking it an invaluable item for exploration.


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What were the Elden Ring Rainbow Stones used for?

Rainbow stones serve to highlight hidden and dangerous paths in The Lands Between. As players have lamented, Elden Ring’s The threshold of a fatal fall is often capricious and difficult to assess.

With the Rainbow Stone in hand, they no more worrying about fatal falls – they can just use a stone near a ledge that they deem dangerous, and he will reveal a player’s probability of survival.

When the stone comes into contact with a surface, it will make a sound and change color to indicate how steep the fall is.

Low tones and colors at the purple end of the spectrum highlight that the fall will do little or no damage, while high heights and red colors show that the fall will hurt. If a fall kills the player, the stone will shatter.

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Players familiar with the Prism Stone from Dark Souls III understand how the Rainbow Stone works and also know that it can be used to carve otherwise invisible paths in Ring of Elden.

How to Get Rainbow Stones

Rainbow Stones are fairly common items that can be found on bodies all over The Lands Between. For a more reliable method of obtaining them, however, players must first learn how to craft them.

To do this, the Terni must buy the crafting kit from the merchant Kale in Elleh’s church, unlock Ring of EldenIncredibly beneficial crafting menu. The Church will likely be one of the first places the player encounters, found just north of Grace’s ‘The First Step’ site at Limgrave. Following, players must obtain the Nomad Warrior Recipe Book (7) in one of the first areas of the game.

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The Nomad Warrior Recipe Book (7) can be found at the end of a collapsed bridge near a finger-reading Crone in Stormhill, east of Castle Stormveil. Players who avoided fighting Margit or Godrick while surrounding the castle may be familiar with this area, which is located north-northwest of Stormhill Shacksouthwest of the Grace “Lake-Facing Cliffs” site, and west-southwest of Limgrave’s Divine Tower.

After grabbing the cookbook, players only need a single Ruin Fragment to craft them. These can be found in abundance all over the midlands, usually shining on the ground atop the fallen ruins that dot the map.

Ring of Elden is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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