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In addition to a huge range of base weapons, Vampire Survivors feature powerful weapon evolutions that require a specific combination of weapons and items to proc. Evolved Weapons are much more powerful versions of their base weapons that generally deal more damage, have faster uptime, and affect a wider area.

This guide will explain the evolved weapons and show you exactly which ones Weapons and Items you will have to combine in order to upgrade your basic weapons into truly destructive ones.


This Vampire Survivors guide was last updated on 6/14/22 to include the latest weapon syndicate, Fuwalafuwaloo.

Additional Advanced Weapons Guides


Vampire Survivors update 0.7.2 added a ton of new content, including the Fuwalafuwaloo weapon syndicate. Fuwalafuwaloo can be unlocked by pair the Bloody Tear weapon evolution with a level 8 Vento Sacro. Once you have both weapons in your inventory you will need to defeat a high level enemy, after 10 minutesand collect the chest they will drop when they die.


Fuwalafuwaloo’s attack is very similar to Vento Sacro’s as they both strike horizontally, like a whip, which aims in the direction you are facing. On a critical hit, Fuwalafuwaloo triggers an explosion that deals additional damage to enemies and simultaneously restores 8 health.

Fuwalafuwaloo can be upgraded by pairing it with the Sarabande of Healing or Slash Arcana and it benefits greatly from high Luck and AoE stats.

How To Evolve Weapons

In Vampire Survivors, you’ll fight a rapidly growing horde of villains who drop randomly Experience Gems to death. Once you collect a bunch of XP Gems, your Level will move to a new rank and you will have the choice between three to four weapons and items to upgrade or add to your loadout.

To get advanced weapons, you will need to upgrade Weapons at level 8 and combine them with a Singular compatible article. Once these two criteria are met, you will need to kill a boss level monster after surviving for at least 10 minutes. The high rank enemy will drop a Chest on death and, if done correctly, the dropped chest will reward you with a significantly more powerful weapon that will strike fear into the hearts of your grisly foes.

To find out which weapon and item combinations are needed to upgrade your weapons to advanced weapons, see the table below.

Evolved Weapon Combination Chart


The description
bloody tear Whip (Level 8) hollow heart Can inflict critical damage and absorb HP.
holy wand Magic wand (level 8) empty tome Triggers immediately.
thousand edges Knife (level 8) Uplifting Triggers immediately.
death spiral Ax (level 8) Candlestick Pass through enemies.
Celestial Sword Cross (level 8) Clover Can inflict critical damage.
Unholy Vespers King Bible (Level 8) spell binder Continuous rotation of projectiles.
Hellfire Wand of fire (level 8) Spinach Pass through enemies.
soul eater Garlic (level 8) pumarola Steal hearts. Power increases when recovering HP.
NO FUTURE Runecrafter (level 8) Armor Pass through enemies.
Magnificent Moon Pentagram (level 8) Crown Erase everything in sight.
thunder loop Lightning ring (level 8) Duplicator Projectiles hit twice.
vicious hunger Gatti Amari (Level 8) stone mask Can turn anything into gold.
Valkyrie Turner Shadow Gable (Level 8) wings Bigger, longer, faster, stronger.
Mannajja Song of Mana (Level 8) Skull O’Maniac Can slow down enemies.
La Borra Santa Claus Water (Level 8) Attractorb Damage zones follow you and grow as they move.
crimson veil Laurel (level 8) Left metaglio Limit incoming damage to 10.
Right metaglio
Infinite Corridor Clock Lancet (Level 8) Silver ring Halves enemy health.
Gold ring

Example of advanced weapons

To dig deeper into the idea of ​​how weapons evolve and what combinations are needed, let’s look at an example. To get the advanced weapon bloody tear you should :

  1. Select the Whip weapon when leveling up (or choose Antonio since the whip is his starting weapon)
  2. Upgrade the whip to Level 8
  3. Collect them hollow heart item when leveling up, when opening a chest or floor loot
  4. Defeat an enemy boss (usually just bigger variants) after surviving passed the 10 minute mark

Your advanced weapon Bloody Tear will be in the chest dropped by the enemy boss and you’ll be ready to mow down those monsters!

Note that the compatible item does not necessarily need to be acquired after upgrading your weapon to level 8. You can acquire the item at any time during your run.

Arms Syndicates


Weapon Unions are created by a combination of two compatible weapons that have both been upgraded to Level 8 and eventually an additional compatible item. Although similar to evolved weapons, the main difference is that instead of replacing a base weapon when evolving, weapon unions replace both of your level 8 weapons.

Below is a table detailing the weapon syndicates currently available in Vampire Survivors. Note that the weapons not must be obtained or upgraded in a specific order and that you will always have to defeat a high level enemy after 10 minutes to collect the Union Weapon.

Union of Arms Weapon 1 Weapon 2 Article
Phieraggi Phiera Der Tuphello eight the sparrow Tiragisu
vandalist Ebon Wings Sin N / A
Fuwalafuwaloo Vento Sacro bloody tear N / A

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