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“A lasting peace is the key to ultimate fortune and happiness. Glory to Lady Yagokoro.

Watatsuki no Yorihime’s strength is truly incomparable to any other current Touhou character. As a Lunar who lived a much longer life than mere humans, along with the teachings of Eirin Yagokoro, Yorihime mastered the use of the power of the Eight Million Gods by allowing them to possess his body. Not only is his combat prowess unmatched, his summoning is highly adaptable to any situation, being able to defeat the bullet power of Sakuya Izayoi, Remilia Scarlet, and Marisa Kirisame with sheer cunning wits. Even Reimu Hakurei, with her own ability to summon spirits as a shrine maiden, doesn’t show the same flexibility as the Moon Princess. This all applied to the Yorihime we already knew, but what happened to this one to make it an amazing EX Level Friend…? Gunblades, probably.

Yorihime and his many gods excel in a great number of farming opportunities. Although his last word all targets, Kannagi – Shrine Maiden Warrioris somewhat charged with 1-2-2 bullet lines at 1/2/3 Spirit Power, she has her own methods to quickly build up her strength. Strange God Skanda provides 1.5 Spirit Power, making it a consistently impressive turn 1 burst option. Unusual God Marata gives a smaller spiritual power of 0.25, which is at least distributed to the whole group, and Divine Spirit: Amatsu-Mikaboshi can be used for an additional 1.25 Spirit Power when needed. All of her tools combined make her a very consistent farmer who can easily take down multiple story card farms on her own.
Solo Stage Farms: 2-7-1, 3-3-3, 3-6-3, future story card step

Much like his original form, Yorihime has a high amount of killer bullets in his attacks, especially his spell cards. Most notable are the anti-youkai and anti-human bullets found early in Divine Spirit: Hono-Ikazuchi and his last word, guaranteeing critical hits on a good majority of the cast. The CRIT ATK buffs at the party of Unusual God Marata (2 levels for 2 turns) and Graze from his character ability combined with 6 levels of CRIT DEF DOWN to all enemies (Eccentric God Hotei, Divine Spirit: Hono-Ikazuchi and his last word making 2 levels each) and 2 levels of CRIT Evasion DOWN to all opponents of Unusual God Marata makes Yorihime a very powerful CRIT attacker. Even if an opponent avoids killers, such as fairies, Yorihime does not fire hits with heavy scaling and gives himself 4 levels of Yang ATK UP from Strange God Skanda and his last word and continues to weaken his opponents with Eccentric God Hotei2 levels of Yang DEF DOWN.

As for the break, Yorihime juggles an impressive variety of elementary breaks, with 3 Fire and Wood of Divine Spirit: Hono-Ikazuchi and a mixture of water, metal, moon and star elsewhere. A 0P Metal Focus shot is always nice to have, even if it’s a solo target. His most obvious mastery of the element comes from his last word, with moon breaks on every ball line to promise a world of pain to anyone who dares challenge the moon element. Other than that, Yorihime holds even more break utility thanks to anomaly breaks, including paralysis breaks at 3P from Divine Spirit: Hono-IkazuchiFreezing stops at 3P of Divine Spirit: Amatsu-Mikaboshiand Poison breaks on Kannagi – Shrine Maiden Warrior. It is interesting to note Divine Spirit: Hono-IkazuchiThe pre-attack effect of applies 2 paralysis anomalies to the target, which means 2 guaranteed breaks on anyone not immune to paralysis at 3P. Although Spirit Power is expensive, Yorihime’s Spirit Power gain makes these options handy in many situations.

As you would expect from someone who desires peace, Yorihime maintains her strength while accepting support from others. In addition to supporting others with his own buffs and debuffs, Yorihime synergizes with many friends through his anomaly breaks and applying Charge to himself with Eccentric God Hotei. Charge is important for an attacker like her, as it ensures other friends apply debuffs before she follows them. On top of that, each boost provides Accuracy support for the whole team, making it a solid choice for any challenging content.

Much like the countless gods she has access to, Yorihime’s kit is truly limitless. Even if she doesn’t max out a buff like Yang ATK UP on her own, she has plenty of other strengths to not even need. As of now, the Temple of Peace is truly one of the strongest characters in Touhou LostWord.

The slicing scale for Yorihime’s attacks is as follows:

Divine Bullets: 0%/50%/0%/50%/0%/0%
Double blade: 40%/50%/50%/0%/0%/0%
Divine Spirit: Hono-Ikazuchi‘s: 0%/0%/0%/0%/0%/70%
Divine Spirit: Amatsu-Mikaboshi: 0%/0%/0%/0%/0%/70%
Kannagi – Sanctuary Warrior: 80%/0%/100%/0%/120%/120%


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