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IGN Eastward’s comprehensive strategy guide and walkthrough will walk you through every step of Eastward, from the title screen to the final credits, including boss strategies, collection locations, and more.

Before you start, you can check out our Beginner’s Guide to the East, or our Tips and tricks to the east.


Click on the links below for a walkthrough (in progress) for each chapter in Eastward.

Prologue: The World Above includes exploring the dig site, getting your first try at Earth Born, and leveling up John’s Frying Pan.

Chapter 1: Coming for the Air, features Sam’s first day of school, tackling the dungeons on Potcrock Island, and more.


Chapter 2: What the Forest Taught Me includes what to do in Greenberg, using the Bang-Bang Gun, the Forest Dungeon, and more.

Chapter 3: Winning Big includes going to the Old Town, finding Sam’s new abilities, cooking for Lee, and more.

Chapter 4: Dance of Death includes entering the Wind Sanctuary, activating the Central Lock, and the Central Dam boss fight.


Chapter 5: The Knight and the Princess includes the Lowtown Dungeon, the Lowtown Boss Fight, and more.

Chapter 6: Once Upon a Time in Monkollywood includes the stealth section of Monkollywood, how to use the Cog Shooter, Monkollywood Boss Fight, and more.


Chapter 7: The Turn of the Century features Mail Delivery, the Isle of Time, the Eternal Tower, and more.

Chapter 8: Mother includes saving Sam, going through Charon, and the final boss.


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