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How to PvP Build – Elden Ring

In this Elden Ring video, we’ll show you how to make a PvP build, including gameplay moments from our own build. Duels with other tarnishes can be tough, so prepare for PvP with us as you learn how to choose your weapons, talismans, armor, armaments, spells, and stats. 00:00 Intro00:50 The best armor for Elden Ring PvP00:52 The most important armor stats for PvP01:00 The best armor for damage negation01:28 Heavyweight Dodge Rolls01:33 Elden Ring Fashion01:50 best armaments for Elden Ring PvP01:57 Important differences between PvP weapons02:11 Rivers Of Blood02:19 PvP weapon suggestions for the Elden Ring02:34 PvP Ashes Of War02:42 Bloodhound Step in PvP02:57 Ash of War Parry 03:15 Best shields for Elden Ring PvP03:34 Fingerprint Stone Shield04:01 Sorceries vs Incantations for Elden Ring PvP04:13 What makes incantations strong04:19 Examples of PvP incantation combos 04:36 What makes sorceries strong 04 :48 Choosing a staff or a seal in Elden Ring PvP04:55 Seal of frenzied flame05:12 Choosing a Staff for PvP05:28 Weapons to associate with sorceries05:35 Charging your spells05:53 The best talismans for Elden Ring PvP06:05 Talisman of concentration of weapons06:5 0 Best Attributes for Elden Ring Pvp06:55 Spirit in Elden Ring Pvp07:07 Vigor in Elden Ring Pvp07:15 Stamina in Elden Ring Pvp07:27 Strength vs Dexterity in Elden Ring Pvp07:40 Two Handed Weapon07:45 Intelligence vs Faith for PvP08:00 Arcane in Elden Ring PvP08:16 Best Wondrous Flask Mix for Elden Ring PvP08:25 Boost for PvP Potency08: 39 Extra PvP Defenses08:58 Weapons Dex, Faith Caster, Bleed PvP Build09:08 Bleed PvP Build Combo09:22 Buff Stacking for PvP09:29 Maximum Poise Build09:43 Radagon’s Soseaal 09:53 Erdtree’s Favor + 210:00 Tank Build Equip Load10:12 Best Stats for Dex Weapon, Faith Caster, Bleed PvP Build10:31 Incantations for Melee PvP Faith Caster11:09 Sacred Relic Sword11:23 Combat Tips for Elden Ring Pvp12:00 OutroFor Elden Ring boss guides, dungeon walkthroughs and so much more, check out our guide at IGN.com.https://www.ign .com/wikis/elden-ring


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