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IGN’s complete The Stanley Parable walkthrough will guide you through the (possible) stages of the game, to see all of its secrets, easter eggs, and possible endings to this narrative adventure. This page includes every possible way to beat the game, including The Stanley Parable Endings and The Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe Endings.

Originally released in October 2013, The Stanley Parable is an interactive first-person narrative adventure game. It’s designed as a clever take on the many narrative tropes of video games. Playing as the titular Stanley, you begin in an office building devoid of Stanley colleagues, with an all-seeing narrator dictating your every action and thought. Whether you choose to follow the narrator’s prompts or make your own choices, you’ll find increasingly bizarre segments that expand on themes of the relationship between game creator and player, as well as choice and fate.


Due to the weird nature and structure of this game, this walkthrough serves as a collection of the various choices you can make that lead to certain “endings” found in The Stanley Parable. Many of them flow directly from a choice – or a series of choices – that you can make. Most of these “endings” will end with the game resetting in the starting room or requiring you to restart the game yourself. You’ll be able to replay the game as many times as you want, and in doing so, you’ll get a better sense of the nature of the game by witnessing its many possible endings – some short and some long.

With the release of The Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe on 4/27/22, you can now experience new content and endings in addition to all of the endings and secrets found in the original game, listed below.

Walkthroughs for each ending

To see a guide on how to achieve the many different endings in The Stanley Parable, check out the list below. Note that certain choices you make may affect the endings you can choose from as you venture through Stanley’s workplace. Some endings aren’t even really “endings” and will allow you to continue exploring after the dialogue is over.

  • To trigger additional content, features, and endings in The Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe, see the New Content Ending and Sequel Ending for information on how to access Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe content.

The next three sections below list all of the endings obtainable in the 2013 game, The Stanley Parable, which can also be accessed in The Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe (as long as you don’t interact with new content along the way ). Sections are divided into which of the two doors you go through, or which endings can be found before that choice is made.

Choose Left Door Terminations

Choose the right door ends

Ends before the gates

The following sections list all the endings you can obtain exclusively in The Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe, including endings that unlock content that allows you to discover other endings and secrets in this version of the game, as well as the list of endings which can be found by taking one of the two doors, or the endings which can be found before making this choice.


Unlock Stanley Parable’s Ultra Deluxe content

Choose Left Door Ends – Ultra Deluxe

Choosing the Right Door Ends – Ultra Deluxe

Ends Before The Gate – Ultra Deluxe

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