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IGN’s Complete Elden Ring Strategy Guide and step-by-step procedure will guide you through every stage of Elden Ring, from the title screen to the final credits, including every collectible location, boss strategy and more.

Continuing in the vein of previous FromSoftware titles including Dark Souls and Bloodborne, Elden Ring is set in an all-new dark fantasy world filled with dangerous dungeons and powerful enemies. Long ago, the land was ruled by an eternal Queen Marika and her demigod children, under the blessing of the giant Erdtree and the magical power known as the Elden Ring. However, unknown forces stole the Elden Ring’s ruling Rune of Death, causing war and cataclysm between the Demigods, and the Elden Ring was shattered. Your task as one of the Tarnished Ancient Exiles is to return to the war-ruined Interlands and recover the Great Runes from the crazed Demigods to become an Elden Lord.


Unlike previous From Software titles, Elden Ring lets you traverse a vast open world filled with lost souls, treasure, various challenging mini-dungeons, towering roaming world bosses, and secrets lurking around every corner. Each major region in The Lands Between is home to a Legacy Dungeon, home to one of the demigods, and more familiar to Souls fans as a more traditional and perhaps linear dungeon experience. Because of this, you’ll be able to approach your adventure in different ways, and maybe even tackle the different Legacy Dungeons in different orders.

Start with essential tips and tricks and things the Elden Ring won’t tell you, then use our walkthrough and guide to help you through each of the main legacy dungeons for strategies to progress through tricky locations, tips for defeating the bosses inside – plus where to find every item, weapon, armor and more along the way. If you just want to know more about a boss, we’ve also put together a full list of Elden Ring bosses along with tips and videos on how to beat them.

IGN’s Elden Ring walkthrough is featured with the initial tutorial introduction, followed by general overviews for each segment of the main regions of The Lands Between, with links to all the major points of interest, mini-dungeons, roaming bosses and secrets. Once you’ve had your fill of exploration and become more powerful, our walkthrough continues with detailed guides for this region’s Legacy dungeon, including how to enter and how to defeat the bosses inside. interior while finding every object and secret path along the way.

To learn more, select a section below:

  • Stranded Graveyard – Cave of Knowledge Tutorial
  • West Limgrave – Dungeons, Points of Interest and Secrets
  • East Limgrave – Dungeons, Points of Interest and Secrets
  • Weeping Peninsula (South Limgrave) – Dungeons, Points of Interest and Secrets
  • Legacy Dungeon – Stormveil Castle
  • East Liurnia – Dungeons, Points of Interest and Secrets
  • North Liurnia – Dungeons, Points of Interest and Secrets
  • Raya Lucaria Academy
  • Red Mane Castle
  • Volcano Mansion
  • Leyndell, royal capital

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