Victoria 3 will use the tooltips system from Crusader Kings 3, so you don’t need an economics degree


It’s hard to find anyone who can actually explain how the economy works in Victoria 2. Paradox’s 2010 grand strategy game and Victorian-era government simulation is toweringly complex, even according to the Paradox’s own standards, a decade later. Fortunately, the studio says the upcoming sequel, Victoria 3, will be much easier to learn – you won’t need an economics degree to start playing.

The latest Victoria 3 dev diary shows some of the work the team has done on the game’s UI; primarily menu boxes, text, and other interface elements. It draws inspiration from Crusader Kings III, which brought several transformative updates to the way it displays information compared to its predecessor. Among the most notable changes was its nested tooltip system – and that’s something that Victoria 3 will also use.

If you hover over highlighted text in-game, a tooltip will pop up from your mouse, providing more information about whatever you’re looking at. In this text, you will see more highlighted terms, which in turn will lead to more tooltips if you hover over them. You can keep digging into the game’s knowledge base indefinitely this way – it’s as if the game’s official wiki is sitting right next to your mouse pointer.

That includes big ideas, Paradox says — fundamental concepts like pops, dividend taxes, or market price. Each of these will be displayed in text that you can hover over and learn more about, using the highlighted text to learn more about each concept.

Paradox also says they are hard at work on the Victoria 3 tutorial as well. “Our intention is always to allow you to learn even the most advanced concepts the game is based on as you play,” the developers write. “One aspect of that is the tutorial, which we’re focusing on more than ever.” More on this will be provided in a future log entry.

We don’t have a firm release date for Victoria 3 yet, but we believe it will come out sometime this year.


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