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Valorant continues to receive updates and balance changes, and the latest came in the form of Valiant Patch 5.03. This fix is ​​now live and full details are available in the client or on the Valorant website.

From release date from patch to buffs and nerfs that come with it, the breakdown below has everything you need to know. If you want to read them yourself, the PBE patch notes can be found here.


Valorant 5.03 release date

Valorant Patch 5.03 released on August 9, 2022, throughout the day depending on your time zone.

The full patch notes are available below.

Valorant 5.03 Patch Notes

General Updates

  • Engine update to Unreal Engine 4.26
  • Agent Browser visual design refresh

Valiant chamber nerves


Chamber has been a controversial agent for some time, with the ability to handle Rendezvous and the rest of Chamber’s arsenal being a tough call for a number of players in both ranked play and professional play.

As such, there are a number of nerfs to Chamber, though the developers hope they’ll remain a competitive option for those who enjoy gaming.

Appointment (E)

  • Base cooldown increased from 20s >>> 30s
  • Recall cooldown increased from 20s >>> 30s
  • Cooldown set to 45 seconds each time a Rendezvous Anchor is destroyed
  • Reduced radius size from 21m >>> 15m

“Chamber’s Rendezvous is supposed to be strong at conserving space, but the generous radius allowed it to take that space more aggressively than intended. This change should require Chamber to exert more effort to access off-kilter angles.

We hope that a tougher punishment for destroyed Rendezvous anchors and the reduced radius will require Chamber channels to be more careful in their use. This change also aligns Chamber’s destructible object counterplay with the behavior of other destructible objects in the game.” Jeff Landa, Community Leader

The Rendezvous in the Void nerf was well received on the PBE, as the area control the ability allows has been problematic for anyone playing against a chamber, and it’s clear that the chamber has a distinct advantage in a number of scenarios. compared to others. officers.

Trademark (C)

  • Slow duration decreased from 9.5 >>> 6s


In addition to the nerf for Rendezvous, the Slow with the Trademark trap duration means that Chamber Mains will have a harder time locking down certain areas of the map completely and won’t be able to rely on Trademark’s slowing effect for as long as usual. . , to use Rendezvous to jump on slowed enemies.

Tower of Strength (X)

  • Required ultimate points increased from 7 >>> 8
  • Slow duration decreased from 9.5 >>> 6s

Stunt of Force is an incredibly powerful ability, and the increased ultimate points required means Chamber principals have to spend more time earning it, and those playing against the Chamber will have to deal with it less often.

Headhunter (Q)

  • Bullet cost increased from 100 >>> 150

“It’s important that Headhunter is a strong sidearm to Chamber, but at its current price, Chamber doesn’t have to engage in tough economic decisions as significantly as other Agents. This should have a more noticeable impact on the House’s decision-making on pistol cartridges and backup cartridges. The Tour De Force Ultimate Points Change also works towards this goal.” – Jeff Landa, Community Manager


In general, reception to these nerfs for Chamber has been mixed, with many fearing that a character-wide collection of nerfs (as opposed to incremental increments) would leave the character essentially unplayable compared to their pre-nerf state.

Regional damage distribution

“We are updating the ultimates for the next agent to follow regional damage rules similar to our weapons – where hitting an enemy’s head and legs applies different damage multipliers. The intent is to reward accuracy and create intuitive consistency between damage in VALORANT.

For Neon in particular, it also gives us more adjustment levers to balance it between different skill levels. This change should also add depth to the mastery needed when tracking while sprinting that his ultimate requires.” – Jeff Landa, Community Manager



  • Damage per shot reduced 22 >>> 18
  • Kill area increased from 15m >>> 20m
  • Leg shot multiplier reduced from 1.0 >>> 0.85
  • Headshot multiplier increased from 1 >>> 3

While the damage per shot and leg shot multiplier reductions mean Neon can’t deal damage as quickly as she could before, the Killzone increase means your attacks work at greater range, and the dramatic increase in the headshot multiplier means you’ll be rewarded. precision, essentially creating a one-hit kill.



Tower of Strength (X)

  • Leg shot multiplier reduced from 1.0 >>> 0.85


Bladestorm (X)

  • Leg shot multiplier reduced from 1.0 >>> 0.85

This nerf is relatively minor and will not impact Jett players too much. Thrown knives do not lose any damage, but the multiplier if you hit the opponent in the legs has been decreased to avoid a guaranteed kill (and thus a knife reload).

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Valorant Jett Nerf

Jet also received a reduced regional damage multiplier:

  • Bladestorm (X) leg shot multiplier reduced from 1.0 >>> 0.85

Game system updates

  • Added ability to change “Ghost” hotkey outside of custom games
    • This option is listed under Settings >> Controls >> Actions

Valorant 5.03 bug fixes


  • Fixed an issue with Jett’s Tailwind where switching weapons in the middle of the dash would cause the weapon takedown animation to take longer than desired.


gaming systems

  • Fixed a bug where some Reyna/Killjoy HUD elements were still visible after Hide UI was enabled.
  • Fixed a bug where the defuse animation would not play consistently if the orb was tapped in quick succession.

Valorant 5.03 Known Issues

  • Changing the reticle opacity settings in-game causes the reticle preview visual to flicker
  • Spike ads UI not displaying correctly
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