Ukrainian War – After the British anti-aircraft missile Starstreak, the United Kingdom is preparing to send an anti-aircraft vehicle “Stormer” to fight Russia


In a bid to stop the Russian military, which has launched a full-scale offensive in eastern Ukraine, the UK is now sending advanced armored launchers to Ukraine.

Britain’s plan to send the Stormer armored missile launchers is for Ukrainian forces to cripple Russia’s air offensive. Starstreak missiles that were previously sent to Ukraine can be mounted on these launchers to attack aircraft.

The Starstreak missile, which is said to have recently shot down a Russian attack helicopter, can be shoulder-mounted or placed on the turret of the Stormer vehicle.

The UK Ministry of Defense introduced the Stormer High Velocity Missile (HVM) launcher to Ukrainians on Salisbury Plain two weeks ago, and the 13-tonne trucks can be rushed to war in days aboard C-17 cargo aircraft.

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has pleaded with the West for more weapons as Putin’s war machine launches a full-scale operation to take control of the predominantly Russian-speaking region of Donbass.

Boris Johnson said on April 7 that the UK was “definitely looking at what additional military aid we could provide” amid suggestions that armored vehicles could be sent while Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said the UK Uni “increased” its delivery of arms the same day. , as she met NATO counterparts in Brussels to hear Ukraine’s demands for more equipment.

Although NATO countries have strongly opposed Ukraine’s demands for fighter jets for fear of an escalation of the conflict with Russia, they have made every effort to arm Ukraine with missiles – shoulder-mounted and turret-launched to take on the superior Russian Air Force.

Russian fighters and helicopters flew low to avoid being hit by Ukraine’s surface-to-air missiles, becoming an easy target for these anti-aircraft missiles instead.

“The Stormer/Starstreak combination will deliver a major boost to Ukraine’s combat power,” mentioned Colonel Richard Kemp, former commander of British soldiers in Afghanistan.

Next generation light anti-tank weapon - Wikipedia
Next-generation light anti-tank weapon – Wikipedia

British aid announced earlier this month understand More than 800 additional NLAW anti-tank missiles, Javelin anti-tank systems, additional wandering ammunition, starstreak air defense systems, additional non-lethal aid including ballistic helmets, body armor and night vision goggles.

Stormer high-speed missile launcher

The Stormer HVM (High-Velocity Missile) is a air defense system. It was created largely to deal with the threat posed to armored formations by assault helicopters and low-flying aircraft. The defense system is currently in service with the British Army.

Starstreak HVM missiles are part of this air defense system. The first batch of these missiles was reportedly sent to Ukraine in March after virtual training was provided to Ukrainian troops.

The launchers, together with their target sensors, are placed at the rear. Starstreak missiles use a two-stage solid-propellant rocket motor that allows them to travel faster than the speed of sound (Mach 3.5).

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The Starstreak high-speed missile system (via Twitter)

Previously the Starstreak high-speed missile system hit a Russian Mi-28N attack helicopter over the Luhansk region, causing its tail to break in the air, which led to the splitting of the helicopter into two halves.

The Stormer system will provide Ukraine with weapons capable of eliminating air targets, including helicopters and low-flying aircraft, as well as ground targets.

Three high-density darts with impact fuses and explosive warheads are part of each missile to ensure multiple hits on the target. When the second stage of the motor burns out, the darts are released.

The missiles have a range of 1500-5500 meters and are capable of destroying even the most powerful low-flying aircraft. These missiles have a service ceiling of 1000 meters. The Starstreak HVM uses a semi-automatic line-of-sight laser beam guidance system. The missiles are guided onto the target by the operator, who uses an optically stabilized sight to track the target.

Starstreak missiles can also hit ground targets. The darts are believed to have enough kinetic force to pierce the front armor of an Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV).

The launchers hold eight missiles ready to fire, with up to 12 reload missiles stowed inside the hull. Starstreak missiles are also launched from a lightweight three-shot launcher as well as a portable shoulder launcher.

For reconnaissance and target prioritization, the vehicle incorporates a panoramic roof-mounted weapon sight and an air defense warning mechanism. The Stormer air defense system can engage targets quickly and has a high hit rate.

The Stormers have been routinely disabled since 2009, UK MoD sources say, mainly because fears of an airstrike against Western forces have all but disappeared.

At a time when Russian troops are determined to deliver a decisive blow to seize the entire Donbass region from Ukraine, increased firepower and ease of launch could prove a boon to defending troops who have so far made incredible use of anti-aircraft missiles against advanced Russian forces.


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