Trae Te Wiki takes a liking to winemaking in Under The Vines


One of the perks of working with actress Rebecca Gibney is that she knows how to take care of her co-workers and her Under the vines co-star Trae Te Wiki knows this better than anyone.

“She had a truckload of Mr Whippy come during one of the breaks, she’s crazy. We were all so grateful. Morale on set was definitely high,” laughs Te Wiki.

“Having her around, her ease on set, just having her energy, it’s made such a difference, she’s an absolute pro. And she was always doing really nice stuff for us, not just for us as actors, but for the whole team.

Trae Te Wiki is full of praise for the show's main cast.


Trae Te Wiki is full of praise for the show’s main cast.

TV newcomer Te Wiki (Ngti Ruanui), who plays Tippy, Oakley Winery’s resident winemaker in the rom-com, said lead actors Gibney and Charles Edwards were: “So nice to work with them.

“They were able to really ground me when I was feeling a little nervous about certain things. I lived in a theater world, I guess I didn’t expect to get these roles on TV. It just wasn’t in my wheelhouse so I didn’t really know what to expect.

“I think once I realized it was a completely different job from acting, I was able to sit down and learn, with everyone’s guidance, so it was really nice.”

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Under the vines This may be Te Wiki’s first TV appearance, but she brings a wealth of theatrical experience to the role. She won Most Promising Newcomer at the 2018 Wellington Theater Awards for her performance in Hine Kihwai and for his writing in Under skin and bones, which she also produced and starred in. She also appeared in a horror feature film killer couch.

The 28-year-old actor, who grew up in Taranaki but now works around Aotearoa, says the only other actor she knew on Under The Vines was Carrie Green. Green plays Nic, the local artist who specializes in neutral papier-mâché fertility goats.

Rebecca Gibney and Charles Edward in Under The Vines.


Rebecca Gibney and Charles Edward in Under The Vines.

Both actors come from the theatrical scene and the couple shared a funny moment while working on another project together when they realized they had both been cast. Under the Vines.

“She told me the dates and I was like, ‘Oh my God, I’m going to be filming there around this time, what is it? She said, ‘It’s on a vineyard.’

“I went, ‘Oh my god, this is such a similar gig to what I have, maybe we could hang out, what’s it called?’ And she says, ‘Under the Vines.‘ And I said, ‘Oh what? Is it a TV show?’ And it turns out it was the same gig.

Te Wiki says his character protects the vineyard in the beginning due to his close relationship with the late owner, Stanley.

Te Wiki says that Tippy (“short for Isabella”) doesn’t trust people very easily “but is very loyal once that trust is there”.

Tippy is a magical winemaker with a serious gift for the craft. So much so that the previous owner labeled his wines as BT and AT – before Tippy and after Tippy.

Before filming began, Te Wiki and Simon Mead, who plays fellow actor Gus, did a bit of research to learn the ins and outs of winemaking.

Simon Mead and Trae Te Wiki developed a taste for wine making.


Simon Mead and Trae Te Wiki developed a taste for wine making.

“We were lucky enough to be taken to many wineries, quality vineyards, kind of showing us how things are done, we were able to ask questions and do tastings.

“I have to open – I think it was a 2007 from Gibbston Valley – from the winemaker himself. He was like, ‘This is one of the best things I’ve ever done. It was crazy, I got the star treatment. I learned a lot. I made a lot of hospo and a lot of wine but never to this extent.

“Learning about wine is actually a lot bigger than I anticipated as a craft, it’s pretty holistic in how wine was made.

“Where is the sun in the sky, where is the moon, it affects how the grapes grow and your process on top of that.

“It’s quite beautiful. I was very lucky to have this experience. »

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