#ToyTech: What is a Pokédex and where to get one in real life?


If you want to be the best no one has ever been and “catch ’em all” then you need to have a roster that helps you save your collection as it grows. In the Pokémon world, this list is called a Pokédex.

What is a Pokédex?

A Pokédex is an “invaluable tool” for Pokémon trainers because it is where all the data of the Pokémon they encounter is stored. It scans a Pokémon and records and stores its information such as name, category, size, weight, and areas where you can find them. However, detailed entries can only be obtained by acquiring said Pokémon, whether through capture, evolution, gifts, or trades, depending on bulb garden.

As the Pokémon franchise progressed, the Pokédex also became more advanced with the addition of features that could help a trainer’s journey, such as displaying what time and season a specific Pokémon can being caught and the ability to search for Pokemon that aren’t caught yet. .

Additionally, the Pokédex was given a personality thanks to a Rotom, an innovation that facilitates communication between a Pokémon trainer and their Pokémon.

In the Pokémon games, the Pokédex changes appearance depending on the handheld it is released on, depending on the Pokemon Wiki. This design choice would prove critical in the future. Meanwhile, in the anime series, the appearance of the Pokédex changes depending on the region its owner is from.

Pokédex: from fiction to reality

The Pokédex is one of the emblematic equipment of a Pokémon trainer. This is a limited item given only to a few exceptional people who are skilled and ambitious enough to undertake the “Pokémon Quest” to catch and record EVERYONE’s data. SINGLE. POKEMON.

And it’s not a feat to be taken lightly. Currently, there are 898 Pokémon, per WarGamer.

Whether it’s a badge of pride or simply a toy to play as a trainer or Pokémon master, there’s demand for a true Pokédex from the young to the young at heart.

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So in 1998, Tiger Electronics sold the first Pokédex toys to the public, by another bulb garden page. The resulting toy replicates the Pokédex of the Kanto region, the region where the first Pokémon game took place. It was then followed by Ash’s talking Pokédex from Hasbro, a popular American toy company.

Since then, various toy companies have released Pokédexes to take advantage of the hype created by each Pokémon game. It wasn’t until the arrival of Generation V Pokémon that the demand for Pokédex toys died down and they were no longer manufactured.

Each Pokédex made had its characteristics defined, even though all function like its video game counterpart – like a handy list of all Pokémon from that generation.

Some Pokédexes come equipped with lights, while others have theme music that plays while the Pokédex is active. Additionally, only one Pokédex has voice narration for each Pokemon – the Deluxe Talking Pokédex which was released in 2007 by Jakks Pacific, according to a Pokemon Wiki Page.

Now that’s a Pokédex

During the existence of the Pokémon franchise, Nintendo has yet to sell a Pokédex itself or a handheld in the form of a Pokédex. The closest fans were An application in 2012 that allowed people to take photos with Pokémon through the use of augmented reality.

However, a Nintendo’s life article mentioned that an Instagram user had done what Nintendo could not.

Instagram user, @tomvdcr, reportedly turned what appears to be Jakk Pacific’s Sinnoh Pokédex toy into a fully functional Nintendo DS. tomvdcr chose this particular Pokédex toy because it’s shaped like the Nintendo DS. He first removed the electronic components from the Pokédex toy and replaced them with Nintendo DS components. Although the motherboard had to be adjusted, everything worked as it should, including the slot for the Game Boy Advance cartridge from the DS.

Whether Nintendo would release a Pokédex-like handheld remains to be seen. However, we bet there are plenty of people around the world who would want a unit if that happens in the future.

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