Titanfall 2 gets custom server mod


In response to Respawn Entertainment failing to fix Titanfall 2’s issues, a group of fans are creating a mod that allows players to host their own servers.

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Fall of the Titans 2 gamers have encountered a number of issues over the past year regarding its online infrastructure. Many were concerned about aspects that were left unaddressed, noting that there are a number of systems that are left compromised. This resulted in Fall of the Titans 2Multiplayer servers are plagued by hackers, causing several problems for players. These range from the inability to connect to several almost unplayable game components.


The most prominent of the problems presented are the hackers who launch DDoS attacks on Fall of the Titans 2multiplayer servers, consoles being particularly affected. These ongoing attacks are attributed to one or two people resenting Respawn Entertainment and EA. These problems had an impact not only Fall of the Titans 2, but also Apex Legends also. Now a team of fans have created a mod that allows players to set up their own custom servers.

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This Fall of the Titans 2 mod is known as Northstar, created by BobTheBob on GitHub and a team of contributors. This mod allows players to host their own servers through the use of custom scripts and assets, alongside the vanilla version. This mod will help reduce the risk of attacks on Fall of the Titans 2The current servers of, where these custom servers have the same vulnerabilities as the originals, but they are mostly off the radar.

A notorious account known as SaveTitanfall explains that if these hackers wanted to crash these custom servers, they would have to find the IP address of whoever is hosting the server. They further explain that these private multiplayer servers are not part of Fall of the Titans 2master server, so it would be difficult for hackers to locate and crash with this method.

This mod can only be used on PC, many who have been able to play with this client enjoy a much smoother experience. Fans who have encountered these issues with Fall of the Titans 2 over the past few months has expressed how excited they are to get back into the game because of it. The team also provided a tutorial on how to set up this mod, as it uses its own client instead of just launching through Origin. If fans were having any issues or needed help setting up this mod, a link to the team’s Discord server was also provided.

Fall of the Titans 2 is currently available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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