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Since its very announcement, fewer games have generated such strong reactions as Diablo Immortal has. After the release, these feelings only grew stronger. Fans and critics go head-to-head in a way that would make the demons of hell and the angels of heaven proud.

For those who dominate controversies and find themselves simply enjoying Diablo Immortal for what it is, there is a bright future. As a resounding mobile and PC revenue success, Activision-Blizzard will most certainly keep this product fresh for some time to come.


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Updated July 3, 2022 by Hodey Johns: The good and bad news about Diablo Immortal keeps coming. On the plus side, it seems like a profitable business for Activision-Blizzard and players are enjoying exploring them. Enough expert guides have been collected that the “advice” section is now split into two parts; one for newbies that answers basic questions and another for veterans looking for tips to improve their game. On the bad news side, microtransactions and negative reception got out of control, to the point where both needed their own sections instead of sharing them with other stories.


Veterans will try to catch up as much as new players in the franchise. Perhaps more so, since many core systems like runewords and rifts have either been eliminated or significantly changed. It is natural to be a little overwhelmed when entering this world, whether familiar or not.

Getting the basics right will assure players that the rest of their games won’t be full of mistakes. Of course, players will eventually move on to higher-end building guides, but unless they get the simple things right, the complicated parts will be all the more bewildering.

Advanced tips

Those who already understand the fundamentals of Diablo Immortal are looking for veteran guides. They’re trying to become one of the best in their class on the realm and that can’t be done just by understanding where the save files are.

For those players looking to improve their break times, destroy faces in PvP, or rake in big bucks, veterans of the game round up some tips. After some guidance in a few select areas, players should find that they are maximizing every minute of the game played.

Quests and Secrets

A simple guide is worth its weight in gold. Sometimes there are progress points blocked by a difficult puzzle or boss fight. Can’t beat him? Can’t move forward? Players who are blocked by these obstacles have a choice: give up, try for hours until they succeed, or use a guide.

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For obvious reasons, it is highly recommended to choose the latter of these options. Other guides include general advice and best practices, which will make the journey from bottom to top more rewarding. Don’t miss any secrets and accumulate wealth with expert advice.

Class guides

Choosing the right class is the first and biggest step for players in their journey. Although various gear and gems can be traded, the class is a more durable choice. Yes, changing class is possible, but it involves re-equipping the whole character.

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Aside from just being a great first choice, it’s essential to stick with that choice and hone the class with ideal skills and strategies. Any class in the game can be a valuable asset in PvP or PvE, but play the class wrong and teammates won’t stick.

General class information



Demon Hunter





Most of the Diablo Immortal news has to do with the game’s many microtransactions. Unless you mortgage a house, it’s going to be hard to get all the necessary gear and gems. It would take more than a decade to grind the hardware that wealthy gamers can buy.

Even the wealthy are going to have to hope for decent drop rates in their investments. Obtaining perfect gems is not a guarantee and sometimes a perfect gem does not match the player’s needs. The media and fans did not appreciate this predatory market and let the gaming world know it.


Outrage was felt when the team announced the mobile title. However, not all news has been met with negative reactions and some players can enjoy the experience without having to empty their wallets.

Now that the game is out, players can decide if their worst fears have come true or if the experience isn’t so bad. Perception is often a reality in the marketplace, both inside and outside of the game, so this information will be gathered by everyone from shareholders to game veterans.


Now that the game is out, it’s very telling to look back with trained eyes and ask, “How did this happen?” There are, of course, positives and negatives to every video game, but Diablo Immortal is a special case where highs and lows are strongly contrasted.

On the one hand, the way the developers managed to pack a smooth and thrilling dungeon crawler on mobile devices should be applauded and other aspiring designers should use it as a standard for talent. On the other hand, players can look back and try to find where and when the Greedy Spirits finally took over.

News and reviews

While technically not as “big” a title as other AAA entries in terms of cost and production time, Diablo Immortal will make more news than most games with larger budgets. Activision-Blizzard is a team in the process of acquisition and transition. The world is watching to see if their evolution is positive or negative.

If Diablo Immortal is successful in the long run, it will further establish free microtransaction games for major developers who are already dipping their toes in water. If the headlines indicate that profits and public reputation are not doing well, it could force those contemplating such a move to iron out the issues first.



Diablo Immortal is now available for mobile and PC.

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