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The tunic can be deceptively difficult, so don’t let the adorable art style fool you. IGN’s Tunic Tips and Tricks guide includes all the details you need to know to start your adventure off on the right foot.


8 essential tips and tricks for getting started with Tunic

Whether you’re looking to stock up on your favorite items, the key to uncovering hidden secrets in each environment, or simply gifting items to boost important stats like attack and defense, here are eight handy tips and tricks that will will make your journey in Tunic so much easier.

A new angle

Hold the left trigger as if locking on an enemy and the camera will move up slightly to reveal a different angle, and possibly additional paths!

Why walk when you can sprint

As the game progresses, you will begin to realize just how vast the world around you is. If the trot is too slow for your liking, you can press and hold the spacebar (or the A button if you’re using an Xbox controller) to sprint instead. Best of all, sprinting won’t affect your stamina, so feel free to sprint to your heart’s content.

Why sprint when you can fast travel?


You can fast travel using the golden square platforms in the overworld, but their trigger is unclear at first. Simply hold A on the platform to be taken to the…fast travel zone? You will first need to activate the overworld square pads before using them.

Learn to dodge but watch your stamina

Until you acquire your shield, you will need to rely heavily on dodging to evade enemy attacks and survive. However, endless dodging will quickly eat away at your stamina if you don’t watch it carefully. If you run out of stamina or the bar flashes red, you will be completely vulnerable to enemy attacks and take even more damage than normal.

By pressing the space bar or the A button, you will be able to jump and move forward to dodge attacks. When you lift off the ground, watch out for the dust beneath you – that little moment of safety gives you invulnerability against damage.

After acquiring the shield, make sure to always keep an eye on the stamina bar. Each hit blocked by the shield will always deplete your stamina and while your shield will never break, once you’re in the red you’ll be completely vulnerable to damage again.

Gift items to boost your stats

Along your journey you will find various items that you may not know what to do with – items like a bouquet of flowers, a sprig of leaves, a tooth, mushrooms, to name a few . While these items may not look like much at first, you can actually present them at the various fox shrines found in each location as an offering to boost stats like attack, defense, potions, HP , SPs and MPs.

Certain enemy encounters can give you a run for your money, so the best bet to emerge victorious is to boost those stats as soon as you can.

Shop till you drop

If you find yourself running out of your favorite items, you can always visit a store and stock up. Stores are often hidden in plain sight, so you may find yourself coming across one by accident.

A surefire way to find them is to check your map and look for a small pair of blue dots in a black door.

Are you dead? Use it to your advantage

When you die, the hero falls and loses all their hard-earned money. After respawning and returning to where you were killed, you will see your ghost slowly spinning and floating in the air.

Chances are the enemy that beat you is still lurking nearby, waiting for your return. Wait for them to approach you and your ghost, and when the time is right, attack the ghost. Attacking it will cause it to explode, not only dealing damage to the nearby creature, but giving you back any wealth you lost before.

Touch every wall

Tunic is a game about exploration and discovery, so be sure to explore every corner you can find. You will often find hidden paths around buildings, behind waterfalls, and even in cliffs when exploring, which can serve as shortcuts on your journey.

These shortcuts can sometimes also lead you to hidden treasure chests containing money, health items, weapons, and holy items that you can sacrifice to increase your stats.

Exploring fully, however, will take patience, as Tunic doesn’t allow you to rotate the camera (aside from the trick above), so often these secret passages can go completely unnoticed. Running close to walls and following your figure is your best bet for uncovering the game’s many secrets.

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