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Looking to get the edge before you jump into Psychonauts 2? Well you’re in luck because this IGN Wiki Guide and Walkthrough page will walk you through over 32 essentials. tips and tricks to get started in Psychonauts 2.

Beginner’s Guide: 32 Essentials Tips and tricks to get started in Psychonauts 2


Divided into three different tip categories – Quick Tips, Exploration, and Combat – we’ve got you covered in our tips and tricks guide that details everything from the best way to use some of the most valuable features in the trainee manual, using the levitating ball as a sprint substitute, unlocking unique gadgets that allow you to access photo mode, Recommended psychic power upgrades to find those hard to reach collectibles, as well as breaking down some of the best combinations of combat and psychic power that will let you clean up the battlefield.

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Quickly done Tips and tricks

  • Running out of inventory space and maxing out your Psitanium capacity? Head over to Otto-Matic to purchase wallet upgrades that increase your max capacity.
  • That said, we strongly recommend that you make the Psifold Wallet your first major purchase from Otto-Mattic, as you will find well over 100 Psitaniums as you explore the various locations and brains the game offers. You should also have none. problem finding enough Psitanium around The Motherlode to make this purchase before embarking on your first major mission with Agent Forsythe.


  • Tired of not being able to run faster? You’ll be happy to know that the levitating ball is a great alternative and is actually faster than your sprinting speed probably would be!
  • In the controls you will find two extremely practical options this will greatly facilitate movement in the game! Trust us, this option is a game changer!
    • First of all, you will have the option Use the triple jump to slide. When activated, the triple jump will trigger the glide.
    • Then you will find the option Glide Pulldown Levitation Ball. With the option enabled, Raz will be able to release his levitating ball by jumping and sliding.
  • Talk to everyone, especially in places like the Atrium! Not only will these characters provide additional dialogue to the story, but sometimes they’ll even offer hints and tips on nearby collectibles or optional side missions.

  • Listen carefully to the sounds of the game, as you may just hear the tumult of emotional baggage or perhaps the glow of a nearby collectible PSI card. Each collectible has a unique sound, so keep your ears open!
  • Your intern’s manual is your best friend and should be consulted frequently as you explore and complete each area. So whether it’s checking the status of your Critical Mission, upgrading your powers, managing your Pins, or keeping track of all the collectibles and unique items you’ve found through the tab Zones, the manual is a handy tool that every Psychonaut should use to their full advantage!

  • Need more Psitanium? Destroying objects in the environment such as trash cans, boxes, and other destructible items will reward you with small amounts of Psitanium.
  • Stuck and need a helping hand? Listen carefully to Razputin’s additional dialogue as he will often provide tips and solutions to the puzzles you are trying to solve, especially if you take the time to process the idea knots related to the power of mental connections.

  • Have you unlocked the career? Visit the research and development center, where you will find the extraordinary gadget, Otto. These gadgets are invaluable because they will help Raz uncover secret areas, wandering thoughts, and even unlock the very popular photo mode feature. You can read more about the different types of gadgets that Raz can unlock here.


  • In your trainee manual, you will find a tab for the areas and locations that Raz has visited. This Area Investigation tab is essential for Psychonauts, as you will be able to manually track your exploration in the physical and mental worlds. Additionally, Raz will get maps of the places he has visited. These maps – The Motherlobe and The Quarry (to name a few) – contain everything you need to know about each area, like key locations, as well as detailed notes, and more.

  • Tired of running around? Don’t forget to use the Otto-Barn – a fast and neat travel system that is unlocked during the Report to the Mail Room mission.
  • Want to know more about the story? Try to find all of the Mind Vaults as they will reveal more details about each character and their stories.
  • As we explained in our The more half-minded you have, the more health or brain you have for combat. Definitely worth the hunt.

  • Let’s face it; sometimes we just want to play a game for fun. So if you are looking for less of a challenge, a collectible hunt, or just want to enjoy the story without having to worry about the fights, look for the assist functions settings in the in-game menu. Here you will find all of them. sorts of neat settings that range from invincibility, narrative combat, and no fall damage.
  • Sometimes the controls can be a bit clunky and difficult to use. Although it may depend on the player, we recommend that you enable no fall damage in the assist functions settings, as there is nothing worse than dying and losing your progress due to damage. ‘a game error.

Exploration Tips and tricks

  • Light any bonfire you see, both in your mind and in the real world. They create updrafts which usually lead to hidden fictions or PSI charts.


  • The places where you can harmonize stray thoughts with the Thought Tuner appear as a semi-transparent oval floating in the air. He disappears the closer you get, so take note of his location before heading towards him.
  • Even when you’re not using the Stray Thoughts gadget, you’ll be alerted when stray thoughts are nearby – making it the perfect opportunity to take the device out and start searching.

  • Explore everywhere! There are tons of things to collect, both inside and outside of people’s minds, so take the time to check out every corner.
  • Keep an eye out for PSI Challenge Cards, as these collectible cards are essential for increasing your rank.

  • Looking to pick up as many collectibles as possible right away? We recommend that you spend your intern credits on the Pouncy Ball Levitation upgrade and the Dark Thoughts Mental Connection upgrade. These will both grant you access to locations with minifigures, emotional baggage, and more!
  • For treasure hunt items: the item description can help indicate where you might find them. For example, those relating to NPCs or locations in the maternal lobe will be found in this area.

  • Although Raz is an acrobat, you will be amazed at what places and areas you can explore. Although it might not seem possible at first, with the help of your psychic powers and a little bit of belief, you will find that Raz has the ability to go through fairly large holes, climb vines, jump over high ledges, to balance on ropes, and even swing from poles.
  • When used correctly, Mental Connection can be a fantastic and dynamic way to level up really quickly.


  • Keep an eye out for Clairvoyance opportunities, as they are a great way to earn additional Psitantium, as well as discover secret places that only the Power of Clairvoyance can see.

Combat Tips and tricks

  • Choose your attacks carefully because some enemies are more sensitive to particular powers! An example would be to use telekinesis against censors. This is a good strategy because any items that hit the censors temporarily stun them, while the use of other powers such as pyrokinesis would not be as effective.

  • Don’t forget to use your trainee credits! As you increase your rank, you’ll earn Trainee Credits, which you can spend on PSI power upgrades, like dealing more damage, shortening cooldowns, and more!
  • Take full advantage of telekinesis as it is a great power if you can manage to use it correctly. Telekinesis is ideal against enemies who have a tendency to throw objects, as you’ll be able to grab objects in the air and throw them back at them, dealing great damage.

  • Don’t sleep on Mental Connection in combat situations. When used correctly with the right upgrades, Mental Connection can be a fantastic psychic power that allows Raz to get close or move enemies towards you for a combination of quick melee attacks, especially if you use them. pull and strike upgrades.
  • Make full use of the Pins, as you’ll get some useful new combat buffs like rooting enemies in place with the power of Mind Connect.


  • Time Bubble is great for slowing down fast enemies. Not only will you be able to take them out in a much safer way, but you’ll also have the ability to land more hits or even take out other enemies nearby.
  • Are you looking for a good combination idea? Time Bubble an enemy from afar, then use Mental Connection to pull Raz towards the enemy to perform a powerful strike.

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