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MultiVersus is a platform fighting game that crushes characters from the Warner Bros franchises in a fight for all the glories. It’s a very beginner-friendly game and the tutorials neatly explain the mechanics of the game. However, not everything is in the tutorial and that’s why we have this tips and tricks page just for you!

This guide is based on the pre-release version of the game that applies to the Multiverse Open Beta. Below are tips on all things control optimizations, perks, and more.


Modify your orders

If you’ve played Super Smash Bros. or if you’re not a fan of MultiVersus commands, you might be able to adapt more easily with a few command parameter changes.

On the left menu bar, click Options and go to Controller Settings. There should be a input preset choice there. Picking out Legacy to modify the MultiVersus controls to mimic what you would find in Super Smash Bros. You can also further customize the commands in this menu.

Advantages of trains

As you level up your character, you’ll unlock unique character perks. To mastery level 9 of the character, you will unlock advantages of the train that allow you to learn perks that aren’t from that character.

Learning another character’s perks uses gold, but you get a discount if you already know that specific perk of the character they’re from. This allows flexibility to optimize your favorite character! If you’re struggling to decide which Perks to train first, here are some of the ones we recommend!


  • Cofeezilla – Your team receives a 10% reduction in ability cooldown duration. Generally useful.
  • Last Stand – Your team deals 10% more damage after reaching 100 damage. This is very useful for tanks and characters that live just past 100%
  • Tasmanian Trigonometry – Your team receives a 15% increase in base knockback influence. The influence of recoil changes the direction in which you are thrown. This means that if you DI (Directional Influence) attack it correctly, you can live much longer.
  • Painted Target – Your team deals 5% increased damage when hitting stunned enemies. Great perk if you plan to do a lot of combos with your teammate.
  • Debuff Ability Refund – Your team receives a 0.5 second refund on ability cooldowns after hitting debuffed enemies.

Besides that, perks like Vertical Damage Boost and Lumpy Space Punch are also great for extra damage.

Accumulation of benefits

Perk stacking occurs when you use the same perk your teammate is using. It amplifies that advantage and gives you a stronger version of it. Try to make stacking perks a priority to give your team an extra edge.

Pay attention to your teammate

MultiVersus is a 2v2 game and all characters are designed with this in mind. That being said, you need to watch out for your teammate and help them out if they’re in danger or combine with them if you see them in an advantageous state.


A good example is during a fight, observe how well your partner is doing against a 1v1 when you are all across the stage fighting your 1v1. If you see they need help, rush to their side and launch a counter attack to make it a 2v1 and maybe even take out some stock. A character like Wonder Woman is good for this as she can teleport to her teammate using her down special which can sometimes catch opponents off guard.

adult language?

If you want some meat in the dialogue for certain characters, there’s an option to enable mature language. Just go to settings and audio/language. Scroll down the selection and you should be able to see the option at the very bottom.

Choose the right character role

Not all characters excel at close combat and not all characters excel at long range combat. Look at your character’s role and move list to find out what they do well! Here are some quick tips on how each role should generally approach a match:

  • Tank – Try to stay close when they’re in danger and if you’re on the offensive that’s when you go in and soak up all the damage and give your teammate an opening.
  • Support – Balance support and attack. Make sure to always keep an eye on your teammate. As a support character, your main concern is keeping your teammate alive while dealing as much damage as possible. Support characters can also be weird characters with a lot of utility, it’s important to know what your character does first in the lab before taking them out.
  • Sluggers – For Bruisers, you’re basically in the middle of a tank and an assassin. You are a bit of a tanker and also have enough power to get knocked down on your own. You can do combos and hit hard. You can practically survive on your own.
  • Assassins and Mages/Range – These roles focus on one thing: damage. However, they are also very squishy and can die quite early. Learn your combos to maximize your damage and make sure to avoid any dangerous situations unless you have a teammate you fully trust.


Daily relaunch of the mission

Don’t like a daily mission? You can just relaunch it. However, be careful as you may have already raised too much for the day and it could cost you gold!

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