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Welcome to the official Mario Golf: Super Rush wiki guide and walkthrough for Nintendo Switch. In this section we will give you the tips and tricks and you have to be successful in the game.

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Do a test

Even if you just want to jump into Golf Adventure mode and play through the story, we recommend that you play at least one practice match before you start. Mario Golf allows you to play up to four characters at a time, so you can select four different styles of golfers and see which one matches your style of play.

This is important for Golf Adventure as there does not seem to be a way to respect your statistics points after assigning them. Taking the time to experiment with different styles of golfing should help you develop your own character. It also helps with our next tip.

Learn each other’s special move

Some special moves in Mario Golf: Super Rush are more devious than the rest. For example, Wario’s shot allows him to place a cloud of lightning on the course, which can really ruin your day.


Knowing what all those snaps are doing is important in any fashion. While you won’t see many professional characters in the story mode, you will run into them every now and then. Don’t let them ruin a game just because you didn’t take the time to learn their skills.

Dashing master

If you only play with friends or against the processor in matches, you don’t have to worry about speed golf unless you want to. However, it takes center stage in story mode.

We have found the most success in dashing special (press ZL while running) heart to heart. These hearts fill your stamina meter almost instantly. So, if you move well, you should be able to stay on top of speed all the way to the spindle.

Focus on the putting

Hitting the long ball is fun and all, but putting is where birds and eagles live or die. The game gives you a lot of information about each green for successful putts, so learn to read the green. For example, blue means green has a slight break in the direction the arrow points, while red means it’s more drastic.


You can get a lot of the information you need just from the normal swing screen; However, we also recommend that you check the aerial view. This will tell you whether the putt is uphill or downhill and allow you to better visualize which direction the green is breaking. If you can manage to lock your putting, you will have a ton of success.

Be aware of the change

This mechanism could become polarizing within the Mario Golf community. Essentially, if you’re trying to hit for high power your shot has a chance to shoot slightly off target. It’s hit or miss whether or not that happens, leading to some frustration on the course.

You can mitigate it by hitting less powerful punches, but sometimes you have to take the risk. Whether you’re playing cautiously or going for the long ball, try to send your shots to safe areas so that that lag can’t spoil the hole for you.

Understand the lie

If your ball ends up on a slope or hill, you’ll be greeted by a stroke counter that curves in either direction. The curve can be small or very large, but it will still have to be managed.


Even the best golfers are going to find themselves in places where they should deal with their lie, so get used to it. In our experience, lie and wind have a similar effect on the ball’s flight path, meaning you should be able to handle either by aiming right next to your target.

Put a spin on things

If you have mastered the spin, you will be in a good position. Not only can Mario Golfers use the topspin and backspin to influence the ball once it hits the ground, they can also give the ball a ridiculous spin when it’s in the air.

As you level up your personal golfer or unlock new sets of clubs for Mario characters, you will start to notice your shot counter add segments. You can use them to add effect to shots during specific parts of his flight. This means you can kick a ball straight off the tee and then return it to the left after passing an obstacle. Mastering this will allow you to hit some wild shots.

Play smart

This is by far the most important tip. Especially in the Golf Adventure mode, you don’t have to attack the holes so often. For the most part, getting the par is more than enough to overcome the challenges.


Even in standard play, you are better off playing it safe than risking it most of the time. Mario Golf courses present insane dangers that can ruin your game if you’re not careful. Do your best to stay away from them and play not to make mistakes. This should put you in a really good spot once the dust settles.


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