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This page is part of IGN’s Back 4 Blood Wiki guide and details everything from tips and tricks, strategies and even secrets you need to know to be successful in Back 4 Blood.

Whether it’s taking note of the different types of damage you can take, communicating with your team to share supplies, or even using certain skills to fend off zombies without interrupting your weapon reloading, we’ve got you covered. have covered in our detailed list of essentials tips and tricks this will help you start your Back 4 Blood game.


Essential Tips and tricks to get started in Back 4 Blood

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Quickly done Tips and tricks

  • Take note of the different types of damage that Back 4 Blood has to offer. Here’s what you need to know
    • Solid red damage can be healed with bandages and medical kits.
    • Black and red damage is known as traumatic damage and cannot be cured by normal means. To repair damage from trauma, you need to find a first aid station, which is usually locked behind supply caches that require a tool kit to open.
  • Blue health, which is achieved primarily by using pain relievers, can heal trauma, but it is only temporary health. It will run out by a point every two seconds until it’s all gone.
  • Turn up your sounds, because listening to audio cues like sleeping noises and gagging can really give your team the edge. Knowing the location of an enemy before you have a chance to spot them visually can really be a game-changer in how your team approaches certain situations in the future.

  • Don’t overlook the benefits of stacking a few stamina cards or increased ammo, especially on the first start, as being able to outrun or mow down hordes for longer can be essential to survival.
  • Toolkits are a must have, especially if you plan to explore secret areas! So, when your team is restocking supplies, make sure that at least one teammate has a toolbox handy. Whatever the situation, a toolbox should always take priority.


  • Communication is the key to your team’s success in Back 4 Blood. Whether it’s taking down enemies together, sharing upgrades and supplies, or even something as simple as exploring, how your team works together will ultimately determine how well your team survives every game.
  • Wondering alone is almost always a guaranteed death sentence. So, to reiterate above, always stay with your team and be sure to communicate your moves if you want to explore new areas.
  • The nests will block your progress until you destroy all the growths and nodes – if in doubt, follow the glowing tendrils to find the nodes that need to be destroyed.

  • Better rarity weapons mean better stats, so it’s almost always worth swapping out a common starting weapon for something better down the line.
  • Your primary weapon and handgun can have mods on it. While you can’t delete a mod, you can replace it with new mods that you find or purchase from the vault. This will drop your old mod to the ground, so either have a teammate equip it or switch to your handgun and place the old mod on it.
  • Some weapons you find will have mods that are red in color. These are damaged and have negative mods, so be on the lookout for new mods to replace them.

  • Be on the lookout for well-placed gas cylinders, as when fired they will cause a large explosion, taking out any nearby enemies that are within its radius.
  • A red area will appear when you hold the jet down, indicating the explosion radius of the object you are holding. This explosion radius is especially useful when you want an object to be thrown into a specific area.
  • The order of your cards is important, so order them accordingly. The card placed at the top of the deck will be your starting card, so you will need to make sure that your cards are ranked in order of importance because the higher the card, the sooner you will receive it.

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Combat Tips and tricks

  • Almost all enemies have shiny weak spots, so be sure to aim for those areas as you’ll deal bonus damage for every successful hit.

  • Make sure to coordinate your ammo types. Having too many players all using the same ammo type will cause you to run out of ammo quickly since your teammates will all be fighting for the same ammo.
  • On the same note, if you’re running low on ammo, ask your team if they have any spare ammo for a weapon they aren’t using. You can drop ammo by viewing your inventory and dragging the ammo you want to drop out of the menu.
  • Use your melee hit skill to fend off zombies as you reload. Bashing doesn’t interrupt your reload, so you can knock back enemies and reload all at the same time.

  • It’s easy to get overwhelmed in Back 4 Blood, especially as massive hordes of zombies invade you. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you prioritize the order in which you take out enemies. Dealing with larger targets like Tallboys, Stingers, and Hockers should always be your primary focus, as these enemies have a pretty serious punch and are known to quickly wipe out teams that have focused elsewhere.

Exploration Tips and tricks

  • Whatever you do, don’t surprise the flocks of birds that you find scattered around every map, because when frightened, they directly alert the hordes of zombies near your location.


  • Be aware of your surroundings, as you will often find clues to the environments you are exploring, such as signs that alarms have been set. That said, be sure to double-check, if not thrice, these unexplored cars and building doors before you charge.
  • Keep an eye out for Intel folders that are often found in buildings, as they will either allow each player to grab a free active card, or sometimes spend coins to get a more powerful card.

  • Have at least one team member get the card to detect nearby money and designate it as the one to explore while others protect them.
  • Cars often contain cash and sometimes even support items – but may require you to smash some windows.
  • While we don’t recommend breaking up with your party, you’ll often find copper hiding places outside the main path. Thus, encouraging your team to think outside the box can sometimes have its advantages.

  • You can climb and cover more ground than you think – having heights is always a bonus, so try to find elevated roads as much as possible to stay ahead of the hordes.

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