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This Vampire Survivors guide will teach you various Tips and Strategies it will help you survive the fast growing monstrous horde. Although Vampire Survivors is a deceptively simple survival action game, you’ll probably struggle to survive for 30 minutes if you’re just starting out.


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Don’t be defensive

While playing a survival game, you may find yourself playing innately defensive and avoiding incoming enemies. But in Vampire Survivors, this approach will ultimately leave you vulnerable and underpowered as the horde grows in strength and numbers.

Rather than trying to survive by running away from monsters, you should instead aim to take them out strategically. Eliminating as many enemies as possible will allow you to accumulate XP gems and secure Coffers this will allow you to improve your statistics and your armament. An aggressive philosophy should also be implemented when you are Upgrade as shown above, and when using coins for Power on your attributes between races.

For example, when selecting upgrades or improving your stats, you will have the option to increase various defensive attributes such as Armor, Max Healthor Movement speed. While these items aren’t entirely useless, their benefits pale in comparison to raw damage per second (DPS) strength.

Instead of selecting or upgrading defensive items, we suggest selecting and upgrading items with high damage. Your high DPS output will put you in a much better position to fight off the horde in the late game, as defensive attributes will fail to negate incoming damage if you simply don’t have the damage output to kill enemies in late portion.

Learn your enemies

Vampire Survivors feature a plethora of enemy types, some of which have stronger variants ranging from a mild HP boost to a boss-like upgrade. Learn the behaviors of your enemies as well as have a rough understanding of their Health is crucial for you to effectively mine weak enemies and mine stronger enemies for chests.

Weak enemies such as Basic Bats and Blue Ghosts can be targeted to thin out the horde and rack up XP Gems for quick upgrades. Weaker enemies should also be identified when you find yourself in trouble, as they can easily be killed to make their way to a safer area or to reach valuable items such as Chicken on the ground.

Stronger enemies should be identified as they obviously require a lot more damage to defeat. But if you find yourself with room to roam, you can hunt them down so they don’t become a high threat in the depths of an indistinguishable horde and to farm whatever chests and high-level gems they leave behind. fall to death.

Use these parts!


As you progress through a race, you’ll find yourself collecting coins on the ground, and you’ll receive high coin totals when you open chests. Once defeated, these coins will follow you around the lobby and you will even earn a 500 coin bonus if you manage to complete a stage. These parts can be used for Power on 14 different attributes it will make you better equipped for your next race.

You may be hesitant to purchase PowerUps, but Vampire Survivors offers a refund option that renders your parts in their entirety. You can refund and rearrange your PowerUps as much or as little as you want, but without inconvenience to your expenses, you may as well splurge until you can’t afford any more upgrades.

If you want to know the best command to buy upgrades, check out our PowerUp command guide which explains the PowerUp market in more detail.

Note that while PowerUps can be refunded in full, spending coins to purchase characters is final and non-refundable.

Save Ground Objects

Along with Xp Gems and Coins, you will eventually come across a few Special items which appear as floor loot. These items are extremely powerful and provide abilities such as a flamethrower, the ability to freeze time, and a magnet that attracts all XP gems in the area.

With the game-breaking strength of these rare items, you may feel the urge to collect them as soon as possible, but try to avoid using these items until you absolutely need them, as they are invaluable aids for getting out from prison. card that can help save even the most scuffed runs. And don’t worry, floor loot won’t disappear unless you use the ugly Pentagram


Unlock advanced weapons

Vampire Survivors offers a bunch of random weapons during your runs, most of which you’ll discover as you naturally progress through the game. But the most powerful weapons, Advanced Weaponsare a little harder to unlock.

Evolved weapons offer high damage, large area of ​​effect attacks that decimate the monstrous horde while providing special effects and boosts.

Evolved weapons can be crafted by upgrading specific weapons to level 8, selecting a compatible item, and defeating a high level enemy that drops a chest at least 10 minutes into your run. Each Evolved weapon and the combinations needed to unlock them are covered in detail in our Evolved Weapons and Combinations guide, but for now, let’s look at an example.

To unlock the evolved weapon, death spiralyou should :

  • Improve it Chopped for at least Level 8
  • Select the Candlestick of Higher level or Breast Enhancement
  • Defeat a boss level enemy at least 10 minutes in your race


You can unlock multiple evolved weapons per run and it will quickly stack the cards in your favor regardless of the enemies within reach.

Boss level enemies can be identified by their significantly larger size compared to their base variants.

With these tips and strategies, you should find yourself doing longer runs, but for more information and tips, check out our various Vampire Survivors guides such as our Stone Mask Location guide!

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