This Week in Techdirt History: June 26 – July 2


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Five years ago

This week in 2017, Zillow got really angry at the McMansion Hell blog and sent out a ridiculous legal threat, then followed up with a second equally misguided letter, then finally backed off a bit after the involvement of the EFF. The copyright office recognized that the DMCA was a problem for security research and also inadvertently admitted that the law was more about giving control to Hollywood than preventing infringement. We also saw one of the worst approaches to patent reform imaginable in Senator Coons’ STRONGER Patent Act.

Ten years ago

This week in 2012, Miami Heat owner Ranaan Katz sued Google and a blogger for copyright infringement over an unflattering photo, then double-crossed and threatened to sue the lawyer defending the blogger. The EU commissioner revealed that he simply planned to ignore any rejection of ACTA by the European Parliament, and parliamentarian Marielle Gallo called ACTA’s dissent a “soft form of terrorism”, while the parliamentary committee Australia issued its recommendation to reject the deal. Meanwhile, the USTR was giving the MPAA full access to the text of the TPP while refusing to share it with Senate staff and denying Rep. Issa’s request to observe the negotiations, while ridiculously claiming that he was transparent.

Fifteen years ago

This week in 2007, Senator Feinstein was looking for some kind of fairness doctrine comeback, and was soon joined by Senator Durbin. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales was still focused on throwing people in jail for attempted hacking, the MPAA was suing sites for linking to infringing content, a new case against the RIAA was raising questions about the legality of his hacking techniques. ‘investigation, and we’ve seen what happens without safe port protections as an Australian ISP removing all users’ media files.

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