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There are several units that are extremely powerful and will likely be quite common in this phase of Summoner Duels. The following list presents some of them, although it is by no means conclusive.

Flame Tana is a green dagger aviator. She has powerful combat as well as multiple helpful support effects. His Turn on Taiko boosts its damage and reduces its damage taken against blue, green, and colorless allies, but most importantly, it also grants a buff of Song 1 to Tana and all allies within 2 spaces at the start of his turn. This allows all of those allies to move one space after combat. Although there is less Canto than some other units have access to, this can be a game-changer for units that don’t otherwise have access to Canto, such as many infantry units, or flying units or cavalry who prefer a skill B other than a Trace. Additionally, Tana’s Attuned skill with Peony works the same as Dancegranting another action to the ally with the highest HP within 2 spaces from Fire Emblem Heroes or Fire Emblem Sacred Stones, as well as providing Resonance: Blades to all allies of these titles, increasing their Atk and Spd by 4 during combat.

Hatari Azura is a green tome cavalry dancer. As one of only two cavalry dancers in the game with Sigurd Masqueradeher 3 moves allow her to keep up with the movement of cavalry allies better than most, but what really sets her apart is her Gray wavesshared with Legendary Azura, which functions as To sing but additionally grants the marching status effect to infantry and flying allies, increasing their Mov by 1. In a season when flying allies dominate the terrain like this, it’s a very useful effect to pair to a unit like Eitri Where new Year’s Day. Also, Azura dancing flames buffs all of her adjacent allies by +6 in all stats each time she uses gray waves to give an ally another action. Her Attuned skill with Leanne is essentially another dance that only affects Fates and Path of Radiance allies, granting another action to the highest of those allies within 2 spaces who has completed their turn, as well as granting Resonance: Blades to all allies of these titles, increasing their Atk and Spd by 4 during combat. Legendary Azura is another strong choice, as she shares the Gray waves effect of granting march to infantry and flying allies, in addition to zero panic if she chooses Gray Waves II.

Brave Byleth is a colorless flier with a variety of powerful effects that make her a threat in Summoner Duels. At the start of his turn, his weapon inner source provides a buff of Zero tracking and charges her Special with 1 while she is within two squares of an ally. In combination with the Slaying effect on his weapon, this fully charges his Special divine impulse. Divine Pulse activates in combat to increase damage by 25% of his speed, reduce damage taken from his enemy’s next attack by 75%, and increase damage of Byleth’s next attack in that fight by 20% of his speed. The damage bonus is useful, and the 75% damage reduction allows it to survive powerful hits from units, including threats such as Valentine’s Chrom with loaded deadeye, as Deadeye does not bypass the special damage reduction. However, if you are not using Shield of Iote or similar effect, Byleth will still take a large amount of damage from Deadeye, as she is weak to bows and Deadeye doubles damage. Then, after the fight, Inner Wellspring charges its Special by 1 if it activated before or during the fight, charging it again fully for the next encounter. In addition to these unique skills, Byleth’s new hereditary B-skill Speed ​​preemption give him a Advantage effect against any Bow, Tome, Dagger, or Staff unit she is faster than, allowing her to counterattack before her enemy attacks. This can be circumvented by Robust bearing and similar effects.

Brave Tiki is a green infantry dragon with strong enemy phase combat. His Remote Breathing includes a variety of powerful effects, the most unique being that she charges her own Special by 1 before her first attack in combat and inflicts -1 Special charge on her enemy, as long as she is within 3 cells of a ally. This allows it to effectively “disable” strong preloaded promotions like Valentine’s Chromit is deadeye Where Brave Bylethit is divine impulseallowing Tiki to survive their attack and then presumably knock them out with his own Glow or other Special. His Skill B New Divinity helps with this by providing an additional debuff to his enemy’s stats, blocking a follow-up attack, and reducing damage taken by up to 40% if Tiki’s resolve exceeds his enemy’s by up to 10. Although this type damage reduction is usually ignored by specials like deadeye, Tiki’s ability to rewind the Special with his remote control makes for a very powerful effect. However, it should be noted that this does not work on specials that activate and deal damage before combat, such as fiery wind.

Spring Sonya is a dominant threat in the Summoner Duels meta, a green flyer with an incredibly powerful weapon and harmonic skill. Her Harmonic Skill grants a special -2 cooldown to herself and all Fire Emblem Echoes and Fire Emblem Awakening allies, allowing her to potentially charge an entire team if the correct units are used, as well as granting to units of these titles an Atk and Spd +4 boost in combat for the rest of this turn. his volume, magic bunnies, has a similar special acceleration effect at the start of turn 1, in addition to allowing it to warp within 2 cells of any ally within 2 cells, and granting a bonus to its Atk and Spd in combat. With this tome, she can immediately charge powerful Specials like Moon Where fiery windand its warp effect allows it to threaten large areas of the map safely behind its allies.

new Year’s Day has been a significant threat in Summoner Duels since its release, largely due to its Duo skill, which grants Scout to all allies within 5 rows and 5 columns centered on his position. This can easily be used to grant Pathfinder to an entire team, allowing the team to threaten larger and larger areas of the map as each unit moves further into position and their teammates can roam freely at through them. Dagr’s combat is also solid, with his unique Bow Jotnar accelerating his special activation in addition to debuffing his enemy’s stats based on Dagr’s visible buffs and unique B-skill Sun-Twin wing decreasing his enemy’s speed and defense by 5 and granting him the effects of Zero tracking as long as it is above 25% HP. Since this week’s map features trenches and forests that restrict cavalry movement, Dagr excels as a flying unit that can help his team gain more mobility with Pathfinder.

Eitri is also a very useful unit in the current rotation, again due to its strong combat, flight move and Song 2 effect in Sinister Brokkr. In particular, it excels if it can gain extra Mov through an effect like Gray waves on Hatari Azura. Eitri’s canto allows him to get free knockouts in many cases by retreating, if his fight is strong enough and the unit is not protected by a distant save. With lots of skill support like Accelerated pulse or units like Valentine’s Chrom Where Legendary HectorEitri can fully charge a Special like fiery wind before entering his first fight. By increasing his Visible Atk with skills like Life and deathshe can deal massive damage to a Far Save unit before combat and easily knock them out with one hit.


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