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So far, in each season of Summoner Duels Ranked and Survival, there are three bonus allies. Using one of these allies on a team allows the player an additional loss before being kicked out for the week, so they can lose a total of 4 times instead of 3. Additionally, the bonus ally reduces the Glory lost in a loss of 40 points. These effects are both useful, and many players will choose to use one of the three, so players should expect many teams they face to include one of the three – although some teams do don’t do it. This season, bonus allies are legendary myrrh, Legendary Edelgardand Legendary Ryoma.

Since this week is Summoner Duels Survival, just include a bonus hero in one of the four teams to benefit from the bonus effects. Likewise, if a player’s team is extremely weak against a single unit, bonus or otherwise, they can simply choose to ban all opposing teams using that unit. Thus, bonus units and other common units are not as unavoidable as they may be in Ranked Summoner Duels.

legendary myrrh is a flying blue dragon with high Atk, Def, and Res. His base kit focuses on melee combat, with skills that increase his Def and Res, block enemy follow-up attacks, guarantee his follow-up attack, reduce his damage taken with dragon walland blocks teleportation effects within 4 cells of her if she can activate it Distortion Bubble status effect. This last ability is very useful against certain teams in Summoner Duels, as many strong units rely on or grant teleport effects: Summer Edelgardthe movement with Assault Troop is blocked, just like Ashit is Opening retainer. This can severely limit the mobility of the enemy team. For this reason, Myrrh is a very solid choice of bonus unit. While she doesn’t threaten much of the map, her combat is relatively strong and her anti-warp is a great way to counter some meta teams.

Legendary Edelgard is an ax armor with high Atk, Def and Res. His Skill B Raging Storm acts the same as wind force, allowing her to act again after combat if she initiated combat while not adjacent to an ally, in addition to guaranteeing a follow-up attack when fighting dragon and beast units. It’s a decent effect in Summoner Duels, but unlike Canto, it doesn’t allow him to move again immediately; the Edelgard player must wait for their next move to get going again, so they are still vulnerable to being knocked out before they can act again. Her mobility is also very low as a melee armored unit, and due to Raging Storm and Aymr requiring her not to be adjacent to an ally to activate their effects, she is a very poor skill user. as A/D near record unless its base kit is largely replaced, and even then it functions the same as many other armors. Although she can improve her movement with Armored Stride, 2 moves on a melee unit is still pretty poor by Summoner’s Duel standards and Armored Stride won’t activate unless it starts its turn adjacent to any ally. Overall while she is a solid unit that can beat some meta threats like the ones above legendary myrrhit doesn’t quite fit the Summoner Duels meta.

Legendary Ryoma is a swordsman with high Atk and Spd and mediocre defensive stats. His Skill B Bushido II grants a variety of useful effects, including To dodge, +7 damage and removing his flying weakness. He also has access to Raijinto (+ Eff)which includes a stat boost in easy conditions as well as Remote meter and Zero tracking as long as Ryoma initiates combat or within 2 spaces of an ally. While all of these effects are powerful, Ryoma is still susceptible to being taken down in one or two hits by common meta threats such as Valentine’s Chrom Where Courageous Eirika, especially with a Special charged before the fight. As a flying unit, he can also use C-skills and seals that aid his team’s mobility, such as Ground controls. Overall it’s a decent bonus unit, but compared to most meta threats its combat isn’t top notch.

Globally, Myrrh is usually the most useful of these three units and a good addition to many teams if a player has it. Ryoma is a solid choice that can find a place in some teams but loses to some common threats, and lacks the movement and range to pose a substantial threat in the player phase. Edelgard is a decent unit with low mobility that doesn’t fit well with the Summoner Duels meta, but it can still serve as a counter to some other units. Since this rotation is Summoner Duels Survivalit’s quite easy to include one of these units in a single squad among the four squads to gain the benefits of the bonus unit for scoring even if you don’t intend to use that squad for the most part matches.


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