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There are several units that are extremely powerful and will likely be quite common in this phase of Summoner Duels. The following list presents some of them, although it is by no means conclusive. Since it is Summoner Duels Survival, players must decide what threats their teams can reasonably handle, while being free to ban teams with particular units that are extremely dominant. This season, some of the top picks include:

Brave Byleth is a colorless flier with a variety of powerful effects that make her a threat in Summoner Duels. At the start of his turn, his weapon inner source provides a buff of Zero tracking and charges her Special with 1 while she is within two squares of an ally. In combination with the Slaying effect on his weapon, this fully charges his Special divine impulse. Divine Pulse activates in combat to increase damage by 25% of his speed, reduce damage taken from his enemy’s next attack by 75%, and increase damage of Byleth’s next attack in that fight by 20% of his speed. The damage bonus is useful, and the 75% damage reduction allows it to survive powerful hits from units, including threats such as Valentine’s Chrom with loaded deadeye, as Deadeye does not bypass the special damage reduction. However, if you are not using Shield of Iote or similar effect, Byleth will still take a large amount of damage from Deadeye, as she is weak to bows and Deadeye doubles damage. Then, after the fight, Inner Wellspring charges its Special by 1 if it activated before or during the fight, charging it again fully for the next encounter. In addition to these unique skills, Byleth’s new hereditary B-skill Speed ​​preemption give him a Advantage effect against any Bow, Tome, Dagger, or Staff unit she is faster than, allowing her to counterattack before her enemy attacks. This can be circumvented by Robust bearing and similar effects.

Thief Nina is another new unit with a lot of potential, colorless dagger cavalry. She can easily apply debuffs to the enemy team with Cold Def/Res 3and his duet skill with Kagero increases his Mov by 1 and extends more stat debuffs on all enemies with any Sadness as well as the enemies in the cardinal directions of Nina, as well as the Panic status effect, reversing all stat bonuses on those enemies into stat penalties. Nina’s weapon, dark feather, targets the lowest of an enemy’s Def or Res while boosting her stats and scaling her damage based on the highest of Nina’s stat buffs and her enemy’s stat debuffs, allowing her to deal damage very important to most weakened enemies. Additionally, it has a unique Canto effect, Song (reminder)allowing her to move after combat to the space where she started her turn, which could easily be 4 spaces away with her duo skill active or even more if she can move through allies with the Scout effect such as new Year’s Day. Although she can’t necessarily kill common Far Save units like Ascended Idunn using Rugged FighterNina is a powerful offensive threat that can easily fire at vulnerable units and retreat into the shadows.

brave chrome is lance cavalry. It has a variety of useful effects, but its power largely comes from two things: its help A changed destiny!and a unique property of his weapon Geirdriful which scales his combat stats based on the number of different bonus and malus effects currently active on him. This is a great effect in a meta with common debuffs like Paralyze and Panic present in many teams, and allows it to function as a sort of counter meta pick against units that inflict these debuffs. Furthermore, A changed destiny! allows him to Reposition an ally, to Refresh himself so that he can act again, to apply the Insulation debuff on himself (which also increases his stats) and gain any buffs from the ally he repositioned for himself. This effect can be used in a number of ways, with some good pairings with meta units like Yuri Where Brave Seliph for March to boost its Mov, Legendary Lucina for a guaranteed follow-up during the outbreak of the fight, Naga for the effectiveness of the dragon, and legendary myrrh for Distortion Bubble. He also has the new skill C Inf. Speed ​​Tacticswhich applies a Spd buff as well as the Zero tracking effect to infantry allies within two spaces at the start of his turn, and he can receive this buff from A Fate Changed! as well.

Brave Seliph is another extremely powerful unit. His skill C heir of light provides him with several buffs at the start of his turn as long as there is an ally within 2 cells, including Zero tracking+6 to Atk and Spd, and Walk, increasing his Mov by 1. His weapon Holytide Tyrfing increases his power in combat in proportion to his enemy’s DEF and the number of squares he has traveled before engaging in combat, up to 40% of his enemy’s DEF if he has moved 4 squares . Additionally, as long as his HP is at least 25% at the start of combat and he or his enemy has moved at least 1 space before engaging in combat, he provides an effect similar to Miracle which allows him to survive 1 HP if an attack reduces him to 0 HP, once per fight. It also provides Song 2, allowing him to move up to 2 squares after combat. These effects combine to make Seliph a powerful and extremely mobile unit that is also difficult to knock out in one fight in many circumstances, although its low resolve makes it vulnerable to magic attacks.

Ascended Idunn is a blue armored dragon that has proven to be a top savior unit in Summoner Duels. His Dew Dragon Stone provides several useful effects, speeding up her special trigger, removing her armor weakness, granting bonus damage against armored enemies, blocking enemy follow-up attacks, and neutralizing her penalties if she is within 3 spaces of an ally. These effects are similar to those observed on Brave Hectoris refined Maltet, but Idunn has a much better statline. In particular, his Res is far superior to Hector’s and allows him to survive powerful magic blows much more easily. Use skills like Rugged Fighter and A/R Far SaveIdunn has become a staple on most top meta teams and is a unit you need a counter for if you want to beat them.

summer horror is a recent addition to the meta with huge potential in Summoner Duels. his weapon divine fantasy has several useful effects, the most important being that it targets the enemy with the lowest Spd at the start of Thorr’s turn, applying the Paralyze as well as a new effect called Exposure to that enemy and all enemies within 2 spaces. Stalling limits the unit’s movement to 1 square on its next action, but only if that unit was under the effect of March of a skill like March of Armor or Yuri’s Honorable Blade. Exposure causes this unit to take +10 damage from enemy units, so Thorr and his teammates deal 10 more damage with each hit. Divine Whimsy also speeds up her special trigger by 1 and pulses it by 1 at the start of any turn she is within 2 spaces of an ally. Thus, Thorr can charge a powerful special like fiery wind at the start of turn 2 with a single additional impulse from a source like Valentine’s Chrom, Legendary Hectoror the Accelerated pulse seal. Thorr’s Duo skill with Loki targets all enemies within 5 rows or columns centered on it, incapacitating all Prime which is active on these enemies, including both stat bonuses and positive status effects like March. It also targets enemies in the same row or column, inflicting Gravity, which limits their movement to 1 space during their next action. With all of these powerful effects, Thorr is a great addition to many teams and a unit you should be prepared to face.


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